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Introducing the Daft Shark Mk.I

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by CrayolaS7, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. So just as I had hoped, my second length of el-wire arrived today (awesome work by elec2go, can't speak more highly of their service). While I had a spare hour at home this afternoon I quickly knocked this together. Just took its debut ride, filled up since fuel was cheap and drove around for another 20 minutes or so until my hands started getting numb. Already got some great strange looks from people in cars stopped next to me and pedestrians.

    Unfortunately it's still not a perfect replica as it's not long enough for that (would need about another 0.5m) might add onto it later but this gets the effect across imo. Let me know what you guys think. Total cost ~$40*


    *Carbon fibre helmet not included.

  2. ........:shock:

    I. Have. No. Words.
  3. I'd like to be clear that I was always going for Daft Punk rather than Tron. I was obsessed with them all throughout highschool and seeing their show in December 2007 is without doubt the best music gig I've ever been to, and will probably hold that title for a while. I'd told my friend months before the Australian leg of the tour was announced that if they ever came here I would chop of my leg to go. Fortunately I didn't have to. It was especially satisfying since the year before I went to a fancy dress 18th with aforementioned friend, both of us as Daft Punk, and hardly anyone knew who we meant. I will definitely end up doing the ears/back bit and after that it will be my pride and joy.


    Hopefully I can convince Azamakumar he needs a new helmet so we can do the second dude with his old black one.
  4. Ok. Looks good. So Daft Punk are a musical outfit? I guess I can Google it.

    What? Yes, I listen to the Beatles, and Led Zepelin. Yes, as a matter of fact I do know all the words to Kenny Rogers' 'The Gambler.' What? Karioke? er ...
  5. Hey, I don't discriminate - Zeppelin and The Beatles are awesome too. And Kenny Rogers? I play blackjack but still, knowing when t walk away is always the hardest for me.
  6. might want to check out the daft club forums man, lots of stuff on there about this stuff and all peoples attempts at whole suites ect, but yeah, very nice man, looks great!

    edit: i also saw them in dec 07, was ****ing insane.
  7. Awesome!
    I want to make a deadmau5 helmet, but I'm afraid on my scooter the extra wind resistance of the ears might cause the thing to stall.
  8. I soon as I saw it i knew it was either Daft Punk or Tron. I too am an avid fan of Daft Punk, I was lucky enough to see 4 of their shows when they came to Aus last (Yes, roadtripping for gigs)

    Awesome job on the helmet. All you need to do now is the same, but for your bike :)
  9. Nice! Looks pretty damn cool.
  10. Need a dark visor on ;) Bit dangerous at night but it looks cool...
  11. Ahaha, that's what my non-rider friends said. I have a dark tint visor but at night you really can't see anything with it on.
  12. So we have a genre of sportsbike riders called power rangers

    is this the start of a new genre called "Tronites"
  13. This has grown on me through the day, and I find myself coming back to look at it.
    I don't want to, but I quite like this look.
    I'm fucked.
  14. I'm stealing your idea bro
  15. that looks really cool.
  16. I'm in, but only if their maiden voyage is that pocket bike race we planned many moons ago...
  17. Haha wicked helmet, good job.
  18. Looks awesome. Great work :)
    DIY steps? :p