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Introducing: Scud

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by scud, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. G'day Netriders. I've been reading this forum for a while now so i thought i'd introduce myself before i start posting.

    I'm on my P's, been riding for about 6 months and have done over 12000 K's on my '06 GPX250.

    I currently live in Warragul (west gippsland, Vic), and can be found riding up and around Mt Donnabuang and Warburton area most weekends, as well as commuting to melbourne a couple of days a week. :twisted:

    I now work in the motorcycle industry (accesories - warehouse work) and have adopted a lifestyle completely centred on bikes. :grin:

    I'm planning on getting a 600 in the next couple of months, possibly an ex-racebike and doing a bit of trackwork, with the aim of going racing in 2008.

    You guys have given me a hell of a lot of info so far so thanks heaps.
    PS. I only have time to visit the forum on weekends so I apologise for not replying to any questions straight away.

  2. Gday and welcome to NR.

  3. Yiasoo.

    This Donna Buang must be orrite, everyone's riding her :LOL:
  4. Donna Buang's not too bad. good mix of corners well suited to the GPX 250 (coming down the mountain at least).

    Getting sick of the bumbs though, really limits lean angle because i keep smacking the pegs down. Plus there's the rubbish from the trees, and the spastic push bikes, and the sight seers. :evil:

    I really want to hav a crack at this Black Spur everyone talks about.
  5. Welcome Scud, there are a few NR's around your way.

    If you want to meet up with some, you are welcome to join us next Saturday for coffee etc :grin:
  6. welcome scud.....
  7. welcome Scud... now you have started to post you will have to start to turn up to some of our coffee nights...we have one just about every day of the week now :)
  8. Welcome to the second biggest addiction of the motorcycle world :p :shock:
  9. greetings and welcome :)
  10. Welcome to NR scud :grin:
  11. G'day Scud .. Kwaka riders always welcome, specially if they work in motorcycle accessories...
  12. Welcome scud,
    get yerself to wednesday night coffee. and do the spurrrr!!
    just go at your own pace but seeing as you're scrapin' pegs you should be fine. not many bumps on that bit of road.
  13. Ya, welcome to NR and enjoy! :grin:
  14. Thanks people. looking forward to these group rides and coffee nights/meetings!! And I've made riding the Black Spur priority number one. :grin:
  15. G'day, now waiting for the moment to use my scud marks joke! :grin: :LOL:
  16. +1 Well said Nobby. A bloke after my own wallet :grin: .

    Welcome to NR Scud.
  17. i had an HG holden sedan that i called the "scud" because it really was a low flying missile. impossible to park though....

    welcome to the forum :grin:
  18. Welcome Scud, hope you enjoy.
  19. Hi Scud, and welcome! I like your plans :grin: