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introducing ourselves

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by motogp freak, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Hi there, my wife and i are avid riders and mad motogp and superbike fans. We live in South Gippsland Dairy Farming and struggle to socialize with the responsibility of the farm, but thought maybe online socializing would help break the monotony and encourage us to get out more on our bikes and meet people. You? Whats your story?

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  2. Welcome. I've seen a few rides posted around your area so keep your eyes out. Seems to be a popular area to go riding.
  3. Hi, and welcome to NR.

    ^^ Wot he said. Not sure where in Sth Gippy you are, but there's the occasional ride starting at Lang Lang and usually heading out to Poowong, Korumburra, Bena etc etc. The other day we ended up down near Kilcunda and headed over to Phillip Island to watch some NRs doing a track day at the GP circuit. Other times we've headed north to/thru Warragul and out to Noojee etc.

    Seems to be one of @streetmaster's favourites, so watch for rides he posts. Usually in the Sunday learner ride thread, but you don't need to be a learner to go on them - it just means there's a few rules regarding not intimidating the learners, plus they're a bit more structured with a leader and TEC. Plenty of fun to be had on them for everyone.
  4. Hi there yes we are in Tarwin, at the foothills of the Strezelecki ranges and lots of good riding in this area but road conditions at the moment is a bit iffy with the wet season weve just had, doesnt stop us though!. Thanks for the heads up, where u from?
  5. Hi there Tam here Phils wife,yes thanks for that, all regular rides of ours as we are in Tarwin which is just at the foothills of the Strezelecki's, beautiful country side and great to here someone else is keen on track days and i'm guessing the Tool Shed is a hit with you lot out at Noojee???
  6. I'm ways away from there but my Sister, Niece and Nephew are around that way. From what I hear the worst about the road conditions are the old Falcons that hoon around.
  7. Some do, but we tend to hit the general store. The lady who runs it is very friendly to mc riders - she'll give us great service, a discount, and often free bikkies or cake whilst we're waiting for our orders (there's usually a crowd of us).