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Introducing myself

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by snail, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all.

    My name's David, and one of the nicknames I go by is snail. I'm a friend of the new member golgy, and of nickt. I'm the Brisbane part of the trio. My continual excited ramblings about riding often get golgy yelling at me to shut up because he wants a bike.

    Been riding about 10 years now, got a couple of bikes at the moment, a SV650S and a Hayabusa. Unlike most Hayabusa riders, the first upgrade was the brakes and take it onto the track from time to time. I have a giggle everytime watching overly confident 1 litre riders disappear into the kitty litter when they use me as a braking reference into the corners :p But I'm definitely in awe of the quick riders on the track, love watching their technique and absorbing every bit of advice they give.
  2. mmmm, a fast snail, wonderful :)

    Welcome to Netrider, and nice to see you've been able to infect some others.
  3. This is true. I've had enough of the years of torment - it's time to get on a bike!
  4. It seems like every second bloke in QLD has a bike. Wish I was up there apart from the damn heat (though it's frickin cold riding to work in the mornings right now). Oh yeah, welcome. I'm sure if you poke around a bit you'll find plenty of riding groups up there.
  5. Never have had a problem finding a group to head out with on a weekend. Heck, can be raining, and we're crazy enough to head out.

    After all, we do spell exhibition "Ekka", and beer "XXXX" :p