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Introducing Myself

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jym, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone,

    I'm Jym, 21 from Western Melbourne. I've been lurking your forums for a while, looking at tips and tricks here and there in hopes that I'd find everything I will ever need to know.
    Surely enough the first thing I learnt is that NO-ONE will EVER know everything they need to know. But you lads and ladies have been a massive help.

    I sat a "4 hour short course" licence test today at Armstrong's in Thomastown (Somerton?) being that I was the only person attending, I got it all done, start to finish in less than 2 hours and walked away with a "Full Motorcycle Licence."

    I was pretty happy about that, but a little depressed that I'm still on LAMS restrictions for a while. Otherwise, I was pretty excited, and since it was mostly you guys (And M13) that got me this far, I thought I best join up and try and help out the next generation of Learners.

    I ride a CBR250R MC19, its been giving me some problems lately, and although I'm flat broke, I'm thinking about trying to con Honda into taking it off my hands as a deposit for one of those new 250R's. I mean, $5 and a half brand new off the showroom floor? Cant go wrong with that!

    I suppose that sums up my introduction, looking forward to getting to know you folks, and hopefully joining some of you on group rides!

    Cheers all,
  2. Welcome aboard Jym !
    Many of us here have been involved with training/testing at Armstrong's :)
    Hope you get your bike issues sorted and look forward to meeting you sometime on a ride.
    Enjoy the forum.
  3. Thanks very much, I'm looking forward to getting the bike sorted out so I can come on some fun rides, instead of just commuting to work!
    I guess I'll be headed back to Westside Motorcycles...man that dude's gotta be sick of seeing me by now.

    Also - Nice CBR1k you got there!
  4. Welcome Jym. Yeah those prices for a new CBR sound like a good deal to me. A lot of people here advise to avoid getting a brand new bike to start with as almost everyone will drop it at some stage. Maybe putting it off for a couple of months might be a good idea??

    Anyhow, welcome to the forum
  5. Thanks for the welcome Brmmm, nice to meet you.

    Yes I agree, it is definately a bad idea buying a brand new bike to begin with. Although I've only recently gotten my licence, I've actually had it once before, but I lost it for speeding right after I got it, so I had to start again after a brief termination period.
    Essentially I've been riding for just over 3 years, on and off. Been through the regular fall and drop stage. For the past 8 months or so, I've had no car, so my bike has been my only form of transport. I've become a fairly confident rider, and haven't fallen off since getting back on my MC19.
    The only thing I'm concerned about is my missus. She wants to learn how to ride, and so if I buy a new 250R, after I'm off that "E" restriction, she'll have the bike all to herself, and I believe THAT is when it'll start getting dropped.
    Still, with the amount of mechanical issues I've been having, and lack of any other form of transport, I really am hoping to get a reliable vehicle, and I'm confident that I wont drop it.
    I know that sounds cocky "LOLOLOL I'M UBER AWSUM I CAN HNDL HAYABUSA" its not that, its just that I've got those few years experience behind me, as I rode offroad during my suspension period. So I'm hoping I should be alright.
    I just hope I can secure finance :S
  6. welcome Jym :)
  7. welcome to NR.
  8. Welcome Jym, hope to see you at Saturday morning training sessions!
  9. Just up the road.

    Welcome in, Mate
  10. Hello and welcome, enjoy the forum.
  11. Welcome Jym, nice to see another rider from the west. I'm just in Keilor Downs, looking forward to seeing you on a few netrider meets :)
  12. Hi Jym and welcome to NR
  13. Hiya :D
    Welcome to the nut house !!
  14. (y) Welcome Jym!