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introducing myself vanessa

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mzvaness, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. ello i want to introduce myself, my name is vanessa :) & i love to go riding.\\:D/\\:D/

  2. Re: introducn=ing myself vanessa

    Welcome vanessa... expect some 'interesting' comments to your wording ;)
  3. Re: introducn=ing myself vanessa

    :popcorn: this will be great :popcorn:
    how long before the traditional welcome post????
  4. Re: introducn=ing myself vanessa

    Hey Vanessa, are you...
    ...amused that people responded to this post with the spelling, rather than the other corrected one?
    (Meh, I've had my turn...)
  5. Welcome Vanessa :)
  6. Welcome mzvaness................is that a MRZ or just a MZ? hehehe your getting some peoples hopes up :p.
  7. Re: introducn=ing myself vanessa

    OK, Ok I'll ask, "are you hot?" Welcome to NR Vanessa.
  8. Welcome to Netrider Vanessa!

    Where are you from?
    Whats your riding experience?
  9. Welcome Vanessa

    Don't let the guys scare you off.... most of them are just talk. It's a really useful forum, for riding tips as well as some great group rides.

    What bike do you ride?
  10. welcome to NR vanessa, I am sure you will get plenty off attention here lol
  11. Welcome Vanessa
  12. Most of us will a) run away coz weve never spoken to a chick outside video games b) unable to talk like Rajesh Koothrappali from Bing Bang Theory c) will get slapped from the better half lol or d) be like NiteKreeper i.e. the talkative girlfriend in drag :p..................
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  13. Lawl. ILY.
  14. Love these threads. OP hardly gets a look in but they just go on and on.
    It's like tossing chips to a flock of hungry Seagulls.

    Welcome Vanessa!
  15. Welcome to NR Vanessa. You will gain a good insight into betting riding skills from the experienced ones here...:)
  16. and alot of the amusement from the rest of us:D

    AznCruiser, not shure which one of those i am:angel:,
    msybe E.)the females that ride are all too old for me to care:-({|=
  17. Hello mzvaness - Nice to have you along.
  18. You lot might have frightened her off, Hahahahaha
  19. Who'd be frightened of us? We're as harmless as a chocolate mouse.
  20. Genetics have come a long way these days,

    6 foot tall Chocolate mouse, Now thats frightening,
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