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introducing myself and my better half!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Blurr, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls, just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I have been riding since I was knee high to a grasshopper and have been on several forums but and have been excited by the number of people organising sydney and oz ride days.

    I own a 07 zx10r se pretty much stck at the moment (only had her 6 weeks and just passed run in) but give me time and that wont last long. I have however put on a uridium screen, rear elim8tor, rear seat cowl and oggy knobs just to get me started. Hope to meet alot of you in the near furture. Congrats on the awesome site. :beer:
  2. Welcome to Netrider :).
  3. Welcome blurr! I was trying to come up with a new name for myself and blurr was one of them :LOL: (my bike's a blue RR)

    Anyway, come along to a coffee night or a NR ride - it's all listed in the Ride and Events section.
  4. ^^ lucky I got in before you, I usually go with Jester in the other forums but it was taken along with all the cool numbers beside it. We can always come to some sort of monetary arrangment for the name???????

    Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!!!! :grin:
  5. Welcome to Netrider Blurr :)

    I sat on the 07 ZX10R at the motorcycle show on Saturday and it is very VERY sweet!
  6. thanks stealth!!!! I never even contiplated a zx10 untilo I rode it. Was always after a blacl 05/06 R1. Rode all the bikes in the 1000cc range (even the Duc 999) and was convinced the R1 ws for me, I like the brader tank feel. Anyways as I am one to do my due diligence I went to the local Kawa Dealer (team moto parramatta) took one for a ride and fell in love!!!!!

    Since a new bike was kind of out of my price range I wasnt going to go through with it but they managed to put me on a special edition for 16K including on roads(that equals just under 14K for the bike) and I said
  7. That is an awesome deal! Isnt the ticket price up around the $19k mark? I couldnt get over the weight of the beast, soooo light! Right size for me too... I will seriously look at the 10 when im off these damn restrictions. You got the black special? PIIIIIIICCS!!!
  8. yeah awesome deal. The sales guy gave nme the typical line "we can get you on a zx10 for a comparable price to a second hand R1 so I sais yes and I will take the special edition. He said "ahhhhhhhhhhh! well AHHHHHHHHHHH ok!!



    What ya think????
  9. HOT HOT BIKE!!!

    One of the sexiest bikes on the roads.

    Good choice. OH :p And welcome!!

  10. =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~

    Daaaamn nice!
  11. Welcome to netrider blurr,
    Looked at this bike saturday at the bike show, very nice indeed.
    You will just have to come out to coffee meet on a saturday and show your better half off. :wink: .

    Cheers Lou
  12. +1, you'll definately have to get yaself out to coffee so we can all ogle over her.
  13. :LOL: Nah. It's just one of my options taken. Now if other people could sign on as all the other ideas except for one, my choice would be made!
  14. Welcome to NR.. :grin:

    I really like the limited edition 10.. :twisted:
  15. thanks guys, thinking about widing the door on my house to bring her inside next to the bed (not sure about the reception from the girlfriend if I did this :eek:hno:)

    Very keen to come out and meet some of you this weekend!! Was thinking of doing the putty road in the morning and heading over to the fiddler in the arvo. Where about does everyone sit and how many usually???
  16. Hi Blurr,
    I think there might a a couple of guys doing the putty run this weekend (weather permitting). We get there anywhere from 3pm, we have had up to 30 people, but the regulars are about 10

    When you enter carpark go straight ahead, around the back of fiddler turn left and you will see bike at the ended facing windsor road, tables are booked in the middle court yard.

    Hope to see ya there
    Cheers Lou

    Well Hope to see ya
  17. I was there the day Blurr purchased and again when he picked up his bike.

    He was smiling like a Chesha cat!!!

    And chickababe, you can't sell your GS500F!!! Awesome bike \:D/
  18. Good ride yesterday hey!

    Putty Road, Old Pacific Highway :cool:

    Enjoy that brilliant bike we'll have to ride again soon :)
  19. Welcome Blurr

    Hopefully see you at the Fiddler soon
  20. Yeah galahs awesome ride. you know its a good ride when your hitting 11pm at night and still trying to take the long way home after 600km's of brillant tarmac.

    Thanks matrix and to everyone I told that I would be at mean fiddler last sat i send my apoligise. Had to srive my car at a wedding (poor bloke) and didnt finish in time to head over but I was really excited to see the clouds part like the red sea.