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Introducing mrsheavyninja

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrsHninja, May 8, 2016.

  1. Hi, im new to the forum and new to riding. You have all probably read all about me now from heavyninja. I don't currently have a bike and have just recently started doing lessons. Looking forward to reading some tips as have started to struggle with riding.

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  2. Welcome aboard :)
    practice practice practice at your speed & time. :)
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  3. I am not sure you really want to be associated with me.
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  4. why are you a Collingwood supporter
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  5. Everybody's welcome here at Netrider, even Collingwood supporters!!!
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  6. Nah sometimes I can be embarrassing hahahahaha.
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  7. you aint seen nothing yet :p
  8. Welcome to NR, we're here to help :cool:
  9. welcome babe
    good luck with the practice
  10. Welcome MrsHninjaMrsHninja you are in the right place to find a wealth of information and support :)

    I took time getting comfortable with the bike and riding, I understand that I am generally a slower learner than some others and I try to not let that bother me because I know I eventually get there, always. These beginning steps are the hardest part, be patient with yourself and you will reap the massive rewards I promise. Look forward to hearing more about your future journey:)
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  11. 4 words - parking kit practice, lots.

    Hang on, getting deja vu here.....
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  12. Howdy and welcome to NR MrsHninjaMrsHninja. Great to have you on board! Learn lots and we really are here to help. Without these collective ratbags, I would have chucked it in when I was learning. :happy: As SibiSibi said, take your time but stick with practicing as much as you can in what ever the weather. Even wind.
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  13. Hello and welcome to the forums MrsHninjaMrsHninja :happy: Great to see your hubby overcome his fears of imminent death by your hand and offered you to join.

    Quite a few of us, myself included, have struggled with riding a two wheeler in the beginning. This forum is a wealth of knowledge and terrific advice, and members' support of new riders is second to none.

    All the best with your lessons, don't rush things and don't get discouraged by setbacks, with practice it will all eventually fall into place. Use the New Rider section, there's lots of great info on there, search and you'll be surprised how many people struggled with the same things. Good luck (y)!
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  14. #14 Andrew West, May 8, 2016
    Last edited: May 8, 2016
    Welcome MrsHninjaMrsHninja
    Lesson 1: hubby is always right and the noobie to bikes in the family gets to wash the bikes ;)
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  15. gday MrsHninjaMrsHninja welcome to NR and to riding two wheels. we hope you feel at home and ask many questions and hopefully pick up a few things along the way!
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  16. Welcome to NR...

  17. Welcome MrsHninjaMrsHninja!
    Sooo many challenges, so much fun! Have reported many of these on this forum, sure you'll come across some as you get to know NR! Bottom line, it's been fun, terrifying at times but the greatest learning experience of my life, well of late anyway!! Hate to say it ... buf the old cliche just works ... Enjoy the journey!! Hope I get to help you along the way!
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  18. Welcome to the madhouse.

    I don't have much time to write an essay but just quickly when I taught my wife to ride I found a high school which had plenty of roads through it which nobody was on after school hours and rode there for an hour every night for a week. No traffic. No need to ride fast. Nobody to point and laugh just a chance to learn.
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  19. Welcome to NR. Heavy has not mentioned a thing about you.;)
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  20. Welcome to the forum