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Introducing....... Me

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Archer, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I figure I should introduce myself and give a little story, as seems customary. :happy:

    I've recently been looking into getting a ride as I've always had the bug to ride, but never the money or opportunity until now (sort of)*.

    I grew up with the dream of one day having the freedom of cruising down a highway with nothing more than the roar of the engine and the open landscape to keep me company for <insert stupid distance here> ..

    Having no real experience other than a few rides with mates and a 'lesson learnt' moment* , I'm a complete noob to all the rest.

    *back in my mid teens, a friend got a Honda 400? for free and asked if I could try and get it started for him while he took care of some errands, 15mins later, got it going, decided I'd see if I could ride the thing..
    I spent a good 45mins going through a few back streets working out how things worked.. confidence grew as I gradually built up the speed (a whopping 60k's at times!) and worked out the best line for the corners, then came overconfidence... a bit more speed, a little later on the brakes, went well for a few corners, then I either broke too hard with the rear or tilted too far over and found that : Engine+knee+road=:cry:
    After thanking the powers that be that I could still move and stand on that leg, I also thanked them for letting the bike miss the power pole.. I picked it up, checked it over for any damage, to which it looked like my knee had been ample protection from the fall.
    Tried to kick start it for a minute before my leg said no more, walked it back to the house, thankfully only a block away, put it back in its spot, cleaned it a little more, checked over it again to make sure, then swallowed my pride and gave him a call explaining that it did start and run, and that it's still in one piece..

    TLDR: quick joy ride (what harm could...), stack, lesson learned.

    Now that I'm older, I hope to at least brush on this dream of freedom(probably without the landscape being the Nevada desert)..

  2. hello...:)
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Welcome Archer, Great intro.

    I can't believe the Nic Archer wasn't already taken though? Great show. :)
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  5. hey all, thanks for the welcomes.

    cjvfrcjvfr My mate called me a while ago and said I should see myself on screen, 'this guy is you, but in this scenario... it's you to a T' ...
    I thought nothing of it until we visited him in Perth, couldn't stop watching it! Fantastic show. (y)
  6. Welcome, GurbachenGurbachen your twin brother just signed up.
  7. that was the second avatar that caught my eye once I'd signed up! :D
  8. My favourite show.

    But welcome in the meantime, Sterling-2
  10. Welcome to the forum mate
  11. Great intro. Welcome to NR.
  12. Thanks again for the welcomes.
    GurbachenGurbachen : Do I now call you Duncan, Mr McCloud, or continue to use Gurbachen? [​IMG]

    Now I've got a few Noob-Q's and I'm yet to have the rights to post in (what I believe would be) the correct area for them, so I'll post them here and hope for the best. :whistle:

    I haven't yet done anything about getting a learners permit/licence as I'm waiting for some more annual leave to cover the days required.
    I've been told by a few people that as I have my full cage licence, once I finish my Learner period, I can progress to a full bike licence.
    As the laws have recently changed regarding learners, probationary and the like, I'm trying to workout how things currently work.

    1: I've had my full cage licence for the best part of a decade, with that, would I still be required to spend 3 years on P's before graduating to a full/open licence?

    2: I've been looking at insurance quotes for the bike (yet to be purchased, I know) and when filling out the online quote details, it asks 'how long have you had your licence?'. to me, that reads as vehicle licence, as they're all joined. it later asks 'what licence/permit do you have?'. that sounds like the 'bike side' of the licence.
    Am I right with my line of thought, or are they asking about the same thing twice?

    3: (pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but worth an ask)
    Are steel cap boots acceptable protection when riding, or is it much like any other shoe, not wise?

    ................... Danger Zone.
  13. Yes but you will not be required the Red P plate period. You will be restricted to LAMS requirements during that 3 years.

    Not sure but I think your assessment is right. One is total license the other is the permit to ride question but may be worth asking the Insurance company. Non disclosure can bite you later on even if they accept the policy.

    They don't give a lot of ankle support, i.e. resistance to twisting if you have an off. Many people use them though. There is no mandated requirement for particular type of boot however. The decision is yours.
  14. Does that mean there's green plates (like cars) to display, or is it more of a faith thing, where you ride 'clean' but stick to the right size bikes, other restrictions etc. ?

    That's kind of what I figured, straight to the source.

    So basically, if you like your feet and the use of them, better to get specific boots.

  15. Answer to Question 1:
    Since the new laws have come in no matter what age you are it is three years minimum plus how ever long it takes you to get of your L's. In saying this I know of a way to get of it in 1 year if you are over 25, but only if you are willing to deal with a lot of hassle.

    Answer to Question 2:
    This depends on which insurance company you are dealing with. my understanding is unless it specifically asks for how many years you have obtained your riders licence, then your train of thought is correct.

    Answer to Question 3:
    It may provide protection but look around the ankle of the boot and see what protection that offers if light then I would say get riding boots.
  17. Answer 1 has me intrigued, Do go on, Sir. :pompous:

    The first avatar I noticed once signed up, you've not let me down with your first post to me! :hilarious::ROFLMAO:
  18. If you know somebody in NSW or QLD you can direct your rego papers, utility bills etc to said address (proof that you live in this state). go to said state for a holiday and have an appointment to change license to NSW or QLD. Return home with NSW license and go back to Vic roads tell them you want a Victorian License and repeat process of proving you live here. and then BAM!!! full license.

    How??? Vic roads has a lop hole where if you have a full license of any class in one state and you come to Victoria you obtain your full license's for what ever you hold.

    Its a hassle, but if you really don't want to deal with restrictions this is the way out.
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