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Introducing Good Deed Garage

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by maduncle, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Afternoon all.

    I am not sure if this is the right spot for this so admin please move if needed.

    But, I do want to introduce you all to a new not-for-profit motorcycle project I have started called 'Good Deed Garage'. It all began when someone on the Classic and Custom Japanese Motorcycle Club (CCJMC) page on Facebook offered a Kawasaki G4TR up for free. I was lucky enough to be the recipient so I then decided to pay it forward.

    With the help of a few generous people, I am restoring the G4TR and will then be raffling it off to raise money in support of beyondblue and all the good work they do.

    So far the project is going very well. I have managed to pice together a bike from the original G4TR donor bike and a second KV100 donor bike. I have received free service support in the form of powder coating, painting and upholstery. People have donated cash to the PayPal account, and donated motorcycle parts to be sold on the eBay page, which then puts more cash into the restoration.

    All news on the build is covered on a Facebook page called Good Deed Garage.

    Good Deed Garage | Facebook

    I thought since Netrider is a big part of the National motorcycling community, that I should at least let you all know what is going on.

    I hope to keep Good Deed Garage going, grow it into a not for profit business that maybe has a nice motorcycle themed coffee shop out front (somewhere where the riding is good) and a workshop out the back. The aim of the workshop is to have it like a 'mens shed' where people who want some tome out and want to do something useful can just drop in and work on a motorcycle restoration project, that will be raffled off for charity.

    Anyway it's early days. I need to get the G4TR complete and then run a raffle. Next year will see Good Deed Garage grow, already got two more bikes donated for future restoration and raffle projects...

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  2. What a great idea, i wish you every success, beyondblue is a great cause, love the men's shed idea :)
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  3. Hey Uncle that's a great idea
    hope fully I can contribute
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  4. Excellent stuff, good luck with it.
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  5. Great idea Maduncle, good to hear from you again. The best of luck with this project. (y)
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  6. Good for you - I've liked your FB page and look forward to following your efforts. I've got a teenage kid with a form of autism and a fair whack of anxiety/depression that has come with a late diagnosis, not to mention having had post-natal depression myself many moons ago after the birth of two of my three kids, so I get the impact from both the sufferers and the carers perspective. Riding has been my godsend. Wish you all the best with Good Deed Garage and doing what I can to support.
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  7. Thanks all.

    The G4TR should be completed by August and ready for the raffle. I will post raffle details here once it begins.

    I already have a Honda CT125 lined up as the next Good Deed Garage project.
  8. Great initiative.

    I'd love to get involved anyway I can.

    I don't do Facebook so will be watching this thread with interest.
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  9. Aa above...
  10. Thanks.

    Slow progress on the G4TR build but we are getting close to finished now. We plan to run some sort of raffle and are looking at online raffle services based in Australia - anyone ever used one?
  11. i will be watching this thread too, just had a look at your facebook page very inspiring and great to read and see the "humanity" in this whole story take shape. Cant wait for the raffle tickets to be made available, how often can someone own an item, any item that has been put together with great passion,support and care? congratulations on your effort and may politicians learn a lesson from this on how life really works.
  12. Great work :finger:
  13. Excellent work! That's a great idea.
  14. Long time between drinks ( and there is a whole new Netrider page I see) but raffle tickets for the Kawasaki G4TR are now on sale.

    Details are at the top of the Good Deed Garage Facebook page:

    Good Deed Garage

    And here is what you could win:


    All raffle proceeds will be donated to beyondblue.

    The Raffle will be drawn on 20 December (just in time for Christmas).

    And - we have next years restoration and raffle project in the garage already ...
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  15. Nice work madunclemaduncle, and for a worthwhile cause, well done(y). The little Kwaka looks great, hoping 1 of my tickets will land it in my garage.
    See you wednesday for another:D
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  16. Sweet! Just got 10 tickets, nice bike and a great cause
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  17. cjvfrcjvfr - any way we can promote this some more on Netrider, maybe put it in the news section?
  18. I've set it as a featured thread. I will have a look at what else I can do and get back.
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  19. Awesome work guys. Great to see such innovative thinking. Just bought 4 tickets. Hoping I strike motorcycling gold, but honestly just happy to support such a good cause.