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Introducing Black Betty

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by JayC, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. I'm so excited picked her up on Friday afternoon before the rain came and fell in love after just 1 minute of riding her
    Brand new CBR 600rr I always name my bikes and had no idea what to call her, then all of a sudden the song popped into my head as I was sitting there watching her and that's how she got the name Black Betty.
    And hubby also got one except his is red and black. We always do things togeather
    The only sad thing about this is that we have to sell our beautiful RVF 400's which have been so faithful and reliable. I will put them in the bikes for sale section


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  2. Put green LEDS on it - way cool
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  4. Very nice, good name too.
  5. Dont put any LED's on it!

    Nice choice, my wife bought one last year and loves it.

    Oh, and I like the gixxer in the pic even more!
  6. This is the other new addition
    I'm going to get some decals made up in pink and purple the same as the ones on the front, tank and tail of this bike
    It needs a splash of colour
    I'm going to try and find an iridium screen that starts off black at the bottom then fades to pink at the top

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  7. heathen :)
  8. I just bought a CBR1000RR, this is the little brother. Nothing little about it though - will still go like hell. Very nice, congrats!