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INTRODUCING..ANGUS! my new baby!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mischiefmaka, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Today I picked up my brand spanking new machine, XVS 650 CUSTOM :woot:
    Ive named him ANGUS \\:D/
    Rode him the 218 kms home without stopping once, was having too much fun :woot: ...

    Need new luggage and a new clock now as none of Eddys stuffs fits him :-({|=

    Here he is...
    Recognise my logo? haha
  2. Nice, they are great bikes as you'll find out!!
  3. A sight to strike abject fear into the hearts of the good citizens of Bendigo and environs!!!
  4. Nice bike, nice colour and congratulations. Have lots of fun with Angus. By the way what happened to Eddy?
  5. So is he a Fancy Angus or an Angry Angus? :p
  6. Say, that's a nice bike! :)

    Congrats on the safe arrival of Angus!
  7. Nice bike, love the colour and the graphics (including MM logo) are very striking. Personally I'd take off the pillion seat and really get that great curve on the rear fender flowing but I can understand if you want to keep it. The XV650 was the first Cruiser I rode and a fantastic first impression that has lasted. I'm sure you'll love him! So planning on taking him down the GOR in March?
  8. vera narce :)
  9. Oh, I LOVE it. You made a great choice, lucky you!
  10. Hmm there is a word I am looking for to properly convey my thoughts on your new acquisition...





    Oh yes, that's it.


    That is a damn nice looking bike. Although I must express some surprise.
    I didn't think you would have stopped riding it long enough to take photos :LOL:

    Congrats on Angus.

    If it were me that rear fender would have already been removed and a single springer seat installed, but that is just my tastes :D
  11. Love the bike and like the others said it was a great choice for an upgrade from your intruder. Oh and I like the decals aswell. Ride safe.
  12. Now strike forth and get thee some new pipes!
  13. TY everyone....Im looking for excuses to go places already just so i can ride, plus i have to get my 1000 kms up b4 i go to Jindy ( that should be EASY i have 2 weeks lol )

    ResmeN- Eddy is covered up in the garage waiting for a new mistress or master.

    Speed demon - Eddy was named after Eddy Van Halen and Angus is named After the god from Acca Dacca \m/\m/

    Fragbait- Oh how much do i wish i could live without needing my pillion seat??? But alas i need somewhere to store crap, i dont want saddle bags so im thinkig sissy bar so i can strap a bag to it when needed.... My new tail pack wont go on this bike so that was a fat waste of money](*,)

    OU818- Oh i hear u seriously i do, but i have to have practicality with my bike, gotta have somewhere to stash my shoppin LOL

    Bluesuede - =D> that is the very 1st thing on my TO DO list! closely followed by new mirrors, new grips, new pegs and new air intake cover!
  14. again congrats lol see you sunday just hope it dont rain.
  15. Nice bike SJ - I'll see you and Angus on the Higway to Hell \m\('.')/m/
  16. Grats nice bike
  17. Very nice SJ it will need pipes for that authentic sound now.
  18. Nice ride.
  19. Great buy there !! :):)
    Seems to suit you well, very nice detail with the decals.
    Have fun and take care :)
  20. Nice Ride, excellent choice of colour:wink:
    enjoy SJ,