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Introducing Angel...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Kim Rodger, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. When I first made the decision to upgrade everyone just advised me to buy a Blackbird and be done with it. But this is a big decision so I test rode all the bikes I considered could be a possibility including the bird. Karl & Jeffatav were kind enough to let me ride their Blackbirds on numerous occasions to see how I went (which I think I did reasonably well), then it was off to the dealerships to ride the rest on the list. These included CBF1000, FZ1000S, VFR800, Triumph Sprint ST 1050, ZX14, and another which just eludes me. My list narrowed to two very quickly, the Triumph Sprint and Blackbird. Well as most of you know now (so much for keeping it a secret until the unveiling), I have decided on my next upgrade.

    Drum roll please……………..yes, folks it’s a Blackbird. Now in saying that, it’s not just ANY Blackbird.

    This Bird started its life with someone very close to us here - Dan Chee (aka Speedy). Due to unforeseen circumstances MYBRD left life as she knew it with Dan. However it’s not all bad and she has found a new home thanks to Karl and is in the process of being re-born.


    Structurally she is in really good shape (all things considered), requiring only cosmetic repairs, some TLC and a bit of cleaning to get her back together and hopefully looking better than she was.


    While at the beginning we had arranged someone to do the work for us, this unfortunately fell through. So with panels partially repaired and prepared the search started for a painter that would warrant the work even though the job had been started.

  2. :shock: When did Dan up-end the 'Bird???
  3. More panels prior to paint



    The exciting news is we found a painter (phew) and the panels have been dropped off and now the wait begins………are we there yet? - he he he. If you can’t tell, I’m really excited and can’t wait to see her all dressed again. Now as for the colour (most of you know already), I have chosen Pearl White…….hearing all the pitoohi’s now and “you can’t paint a blackbird white†well folks bite me! I had said from day one “if I decided on a Bird it would be white, regardless of what colour it startedâ€. I have been able to see her painted ever since I decided and she’s gonna look fabulous. There’ll be no mistaking me now!!

    Now, after cursing Dan for polishing everything that looked silver, I have spent quite some time polishing all those same bits and it looks great and against the Pearl White will look awesome. Also just generally cleaning her after sitting idle collecting dust and cobwebs for some 6 months was an effort in itself. The best job was removing the sprocket cover, rubber chain guide and the chain guard to reveal omg some pretty yukky stuff. So with all her private parts cleaned and her pretty parts polished, fork oil changed, break lines bled, engine oil changed, coolant done and did I mention the cleaning…. Now all we are waiting for are the panels.

  4. It seems like forever since this project was started and now it can’t all happen quickly enough.

    We finally received the phone call from Collide-a-Scope in Hornsby to say the panels are ready and OMG I was so excited, I felt like an expectant mother. An early afternoon off work (thanks boss) and I met Karl in Hornsby to collect her new body. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Laurence bought out the tank…I was speechless and almost cried. Slowly the rest of her body was reveiled and I was just gob smacked. The panels looked as good if not better than I had expected. Very happy Kimmie & Karl. Home we headed for some serious assembling to begin.


    While Karl worked on putting the nose cone on, I was up stairs ever so nervously trying to put the decals on the body. While I could already see the end result in my mind, once we applied the decals I was breathless…..they looked AWESOME!


    Now with all her panels on complete with decals, the moment of truth was here. She looks fcukING AWESOMELY HAWT !!!!

    I must say though that Karl has done most of the work himself, without his knowledge and skills I’d say she wouldn’t have come up as good as she has!! So from me to you here’s a really big AWESOME THANK YOU *blows lots & lots & lots & lots of kisses* (all of which are collectable).

    I’d also like to thank Dan for allowing me to post up pics of MYBRD in her former life.

    Thanks to the guys at Collide-a-Scope, Nathan, Laurence and Dino (who painted her) for a great job. She’s awesome.
  5. So with no further a due, let me introduce you to Arctic ANGEL!!




    Hope you've enjoyed the pics of her transformation into Angel.
  6. June last year.
  7. Job well done, that looks nice..
  8. nice job, keep it clean.

    if you dont mind me asking, how much was the paint job?

  9. i like it. different is good. that smile shows you like it too.
  10. PM sent Ben. But a good paint job is worth paying for.

  11. Love the pipes

    Hi ya Kimmie

    Looks sweet - mad pipes :p

  12. Re: Love the pipes

    Hey Stevie,

    Yeah they're pretty awesome hey..... :LOL:
    Hope you're feeling better. Don't work to hard.

  13. So where are the red and blue flashing lights hidden? :LOL: :LOL:
  14. That photo is HILARIOUS. I'm not sure why. :LOL:
  15. ...because something thought to put the centre stand down... :LOL:
  16. Yeah loz, was not so funny pumping oil out of the cylinders, airbox, etc. They tried to start it on the day it crashed and oil locked the engine. But she came good and started straight up. Probably why it was so cheap from the insurance disposals (not running, not turning over) but I knew she would be OK. Damage was all cosmetic, not even a busted lever. Still burning oil out of the headers when she gets hot tho.. Nothing a good ride will not fix.

    A fun rebuild job.

  17. Does look at bit stripped-down-Police bike, doesn't it...? The cops wish they had 'Birds this pretty!

    Definitely unique and the detail in the decals and polishing really sets it off.

    Looks like a great job, and hopefully you are as happy with it as you look. Just make sure it doesn't get re-aquainted with those (or any other) trees!

    Now what to do with a K1 Gixxer 750... :?
  18. Update.........Angel is now REGISTERED....YAY :grin: :grin:

    Am looking forward to getting her out & about now.

    Extremely pleased with the end result.