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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ZRX, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone

    New user here. I'm from Canberra, and if I don't fail the course :)lol:) I'll be getting my L plates on the 15th of Jan, can't wait!

    I've been reading here without posting for a while because I had trouble registering, and look forward to learning more and hopefully contributing something useful too.
  2. Well, mate, we welcome people who read and learn, but it's great to join in and communicate....

    What part of Canberra are you from, and what sort of bike are you planning??
  3. What were the issues with registering?
  4. welcome ausjc :)
  5. I never received my activation email, I think my spam filter was eating it. I finally got around to registering with a different email address and had no problems.
  6. I'm in Kambah, the place to be :p

    Looking at any sports 250 really, but will probably get a GPX because there's thousands of them around here due to the big Kwaka dealership. I'll just see what comes along once I'm actually looking properly I think.
  7. welcome ausjc,

    kambah eh? i remeber the good ol' days living in McKillop cres.....

    good luck with the L's
  8. Hey JC,

    Welcome & good luck with getting the L's. Make sure you go over the Learners Manual front to back. :cool: :wink:
  9. Welcome Ausjc :grin:
  10. Welcome Ausjc, and good luck with your test :)
  11. Thanks everyone - and no manual for me MG, I've already got a full car licence so it's just two half-day sessions of riding round in circles for me! My mate just did it, he says it's actually quite fun.

    Got my helmet and gloves today, don't want to use the feral shared stuff they supply at the course, lol.
  12. Bud, when I said 'manual', I was referring to the Learners Handbook. :LOL:
  13. I know - but there isn't one if you've already got a full car licence! I'm in the ACT, it might be different where you are.

    All I have to do is go to the Stay Upright course, which is virtually all practical work (ie, riding round in circles :grin:) This is a good thing, because I'm far too lazy to study anything.
  14. OIC!

    All the best anyways. :wink: :cool: