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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Coljon, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Decided to join Netrider to meet like minded riders, am 57 years young & currently have a 2013 Yamaha TDM900, it is a fantastic underrated bike, anyway, have owned over 60 bikes, trail/road & race, mostly big bore sports bikes, gave up motorcycling about 15 years ago as I couldn't control myself, older & wiser now so thought I would give it another try, went for a comfortable upright all-rounder with low hp but strong torque, been riding again for about 8 months now, all ok & having lots of fun. Looking forward to meeting other motorcyclists & experiencing the adventures again.



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  2. welcome aboard col 8-|
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  4. Hi ColjonColjon. Welcome. Born the year of the first sportster huh? That was obviously a good year! ;)

    As you have been riding long enough, perhaps you could solve our biggest dilemmas, such as:
    Which glove first?
    Do you nod to other riders?
    How do you signal to another rider to pass you?
    How do you let scooter riders know that deep down you love them, without letting anybody know?
    Does counter steering really work?
    Can you stop RRdevilRRdevil and Vertical CVertical C from baiting everybody?

    Deep and meaningful, have a great time here.....
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  5. G'day Coljon, welcome to the site. Yes they reckon when the bug bites you'll never shake it
  6. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR..
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Welcome to NR!
  9. W
  10. Thx knee


    Thank you for the welcome, regards which glove first, that's easy, it's the one opposite the last one put on.

    Thx for welcome, yep, hard to shake that addiction, especially driving hard out of corners.

    Thx 4 welcome.

    Thx 4 ur welcome, I can b a lazy Libran 2.

    Thx 4 welcome Ben.

    Thx Jeff, appreciate.

    Thx 4 welcome Jay.

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