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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by paulbr, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Returning to motorbikes after 20 years.

    Bought a Guzzi v7 stone, just ridden the first 1000km so officially run in.

    Last bike was an R65 so not really a huge change :)

    The roads seem a lot worse than they used to be though. Monster potholes and road hernias everywhere. I'm in Albury so lots of nice roads nearby, mostly been riding around NE Victoria

  2. Victorian roads seem better than NSW roads. I live in Albury too, but luckily all the mountains are in Victoria ;-)
    Granya gap is a favourite when I need a quick fix :]

  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. welcome back to biking Paulbr :] and you are lucky as you have some of the best riding roads in the country right on your doorstep, Bright, mt Beauty, falls Creek... and allover the Alpine country.. the V7 is going to love you for it, enjoy every minute of it8-|
  5. Thanks all, I haven't been to Granya Gap for a very long time, I think its all sealed now?! Been out to Talgarno Gap, but mostly down around Myrtleford and Yackandandah.

    Keen to have a look at Happy Valley and Tawonga too.
  6. I'm in Albury as well. A lot of great roads around here.
  7. Welcome back to biking, have a blast!
  8. Yes, lots of great roads, hope to do a few more this next week. Thanks!
  9. Hi and welcome Paul, yep, Granya is all sealed, only problem is it's not long enough! I usually do it on my way to Jindabyne. Enjoy the Guzzi.

  10. Welcome to NR. Good luck with you return to riding.
  11. I did Granya a week ago. Good thing from Albury is there's half an hour there and back on the Murray River Road too. Granya is more intense but the ride out there would be worthwhile just for the River Road (transport stage). :] Or alternatively the Murray Valley Highway, life's tough.
  12. Hi All,
    Newbie here from Melbourne, Victoria. Been reading a lot on a few forums and decided to give motorbike riding a go as from next year. Been driving cars for 15+ yrs and now want to experience the thrill of motorbike riding.
    Not interested in racing but more of a weekend cruiser.
    From my limited research on the web, I have decided upon the Honda CB500X as it is a LAMS approved bike and really like the sound of a parallel twin engine.
  13. Hello mate and welcome to NetRider. Re bike choice - test ride all the bikes you've short listed if possible, always good to get the feeling for a few different ones rather than just 1 model.

    Plenty of info here and lots of newbie rides/practise to join in if you're interested, so enjoy!!

    Edit: sorry this was replied to AeRocb above, didn't see it was in existing thread!
  14. Hey AeRocB, no offence but you might get better traction with your own thread. It seems around here everyone starts their own thread under the Welcome lounge (unlike some other forums). There's a big red button saying 'post new thread' in the welcome lounge forum. That's what you want.

    Anyway welcome to netrider and motorcycling. I used to have a Honda 400 twin a long time ago, it was good fun! I imagine your 500 will be the same.
  15. Welcome paulbr. Have a look at the Riverina Riders thread, handy for upcoming events.
    I'm from Walla Walla, will keep and eye out for your Guzzi, I have a soft spot for them.
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  16. This might sound crazy, but was I talking to you in the elevator today?
  17. Not at all crazy ;)
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