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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by andre12a, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I've been hanging about the outskirts of this site for quite a while now, thought it time to introduce myself.

    I ride a Triumph Thunderbird 900, 2001 model.

    I have done some work to improve its performance and sound - drilled baffles, opened up the airbox, rejetted the carbies, nology coils, iridium plugs. Apart from that and the king-queen seat and saddle bags, it looks stock standard.

    It's carried me 40000ks since I picked it up five years ago. We have been to Melb and back. Ridden around Tassie. Several trips into the north of NSW. Gone out west once (St George). And countless ks around SE Qld. Never let me down once. Whether loaded up with camping gear and clothes, with my partner on board, or just me by myself, it handles beautifully on the bends and takes off on the straights.

    I contribute to Triumphrat and used to be part of Ratbags, but I don't know what is happening with that site these days.

    If there are other Triumph riders out there, let me know.

    Peter. (andre12a)
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    Hi Peter [MENTION=32122]andre12a[/MENTION] ,

    Welcome to the forum. There are a quite a few Trumphites, Trumphiests, Trumpisters ;) Whatever the collective term for Triumph lovers is on the forum. I am sure you will find a few more. In any case jump in and tell us about some of your adventures.

  4. Hello mate! I just joined cos after years of dreaming and drooling about getting a Hinckley Triple TBird, I have found one I can afford! Its in weird state, with Honda tank and Yammy seat, but its the engine I care about. I plan to really mod and change it into a unique Cafe bike, so it seems sensible to pay less for a hybridised bitser, cos I will be messing around with it anyway.
    I love the stock TBird, don't get me wrong and one day I'll have an all original Sport model. But this one's for experimenting!
    Can you pls help me out with a good mechanic, to whom I can take it, and pay for a proper inspection.
    Its had a full rebuild according to the owner, who says he's a former Triumph mechanic. I have no reason to distrust him, but equally, no reason why I should!
    It starts well and sounds good, but I am happy to pay an expert for a thorough test/examination/ride etc.
    This is what's said to have been done 885 klms ago :
    Crankshaft refurbished and reground to standard.
    New big end and main bearings.
    New balance shaft bearing.
    New clutch basket bearing.
    New Cush rubbers on alternator and rear sprocket.
    Valve grind and new cam shims.
    New cam chain, drive chain,tyres and brake pads.
    Do you know any Hinckley Triple experts on the Gold Coast (Brisbane is possible, but its alot to ask pre purchase, to disappear for hours on end)!
    I wil really appreciate your help, and if you want to go for a ride sometime, I'm a photographer and I will be happy to take some hi rez photos of your TBird that u can blow up and hang on the wall!
  5. Well if a Tiger 1050 counts, then I'm another rat as well, Tigey loves me to bits. Also in Brissy, so would be cool to meet up. Welcome along to NR :)
  6. Welcome to NR