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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cdot, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Just though I would introduce myself before I start bugging people for advice etc. My name is Craig, I am 36, live in Sydney and might just going through a mid life crisis. Hence my decision to learn to ride.

    Just walked out of the RTA with my nice new shinny rider L’s after doing rider training Monday and Tuesday night.

    My bike being delivered on Monday (no way am I riding it down Parramatta road) and now all I have to do is learn how to ride the thing.

    I hope to start attending the Homebush training sessions as soon as they are back on and I am back from holidays. Hope to see some of you there.

  2. welcome :D mid life? nope, you're still young. this is what's called "i've finally come to my senses and am doing what i want to"

    will definitely catch up on a ride sometime soon :)
  3. Well put, Lowercase.
    Enjoy the ride, Craig. You'll wonder why you didn't join the fun years ago. :dance:

    What bike do you have coming?
  4. Hello Craig - welcome to the party. You did bring a few beers, didn't you?

    Mid-life crisis is such a prejudicial expression. It's like referring to one of the fairer ones as menopausal. They can talk about it in those terms but if you should fall into accidental use of the same nomenclature ...

    I seem to have missed a step some place. I went straight from puberty to mid-life crisis. The transition seems to have been a gradual twenty year process, but one morning I woke up middle aged... Mind you, I still become an instant 5yo every time I drop my right wrist, so ...

    So grandpa - What's the secret of your long and happy life?
    Two hundred horsepower motorcycles, eighteen year old scotch, and ... where's that little b*tch gone? She was here a minute ago...
  5. I bought myself a Kawasaki Ninja 650rl ABS 2010 model with 2000ish k's.

    Should be heaps of fun.....
  6. I always bring beer or at least drink it.
  7. Hey matey! Welcome.

    Where abouts do you live?
  8. I live at concord .....
  9. Good day mate.., i 'm also suffer mid life crisis and decided to ride the bike. Just got me L and been riding around local area , learning the rope. Hopefully will see you at Homebush....

    Cheer...stay safe..ride safe.
  10. Welcome cdot from an older newbie. Just got my L's too.
    Been practising around Concord local areas.
    Hopefully see you at Homebush to ....
  11. Welcome mate ! Never too late to 'turn and burn' on 2 wheels bud (y)
    Enjoy the forum.