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Intro thread

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Soon2BeNinja, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Hello all I am from Melbournes inner Nth Fitzroy, I'm currently only a scooter rider, But will soon be looking at getting my first sports bike, I am 33 going 34 only been riding for 5 months short of a year, I did beat the threshhold on the new laws and can ride both auto and manual bikes, I'm on my green p's, I may be a scooter rider but I am no way a snobby prick like all to most of the other scooter rider's on the road's, I give the nod, I also record everything with the Go pro mounted on the crown of my helmet, I have my own You Tube channel with all of my near misses and with some retarted driver's doing what they do best (being blind and not thinking)
    The near misses I've had were not my fault, They seem to not see me coming with high beams on, I also call all driver's weather you ride as well the grim reaper, As they will kill you, I am one of the olny rider to do my learner's with a 100% score rating even the test as well as the P's test, Sharp on reflexes have really good control (use to do down hill mountian bike riding and freestyle) I have always been on 2 wheels and feel safe, I also do not have my car learner's (well any more)

    I will say that more than most I make next to no sense and can rant on as you can see @^^ But I hope to learn from the people who's ridden most of their lives and know how things work (on the bike related and on the road's" I will never try to push my skills if I know I can't do something I won't try till I've worked my way up,
  2. Welcome. Once you have a bike then Saturday morning practice in Elwood/St Killda is worthwhile. Generally there is a half day ride that leaves from that location as well.
  3. Welcome to the forum.. Hope to see you out there at the practice sessions or one of the many rides!
  4. I've already said welcome in another thread but here it is anyway: welcome!
  5. I'd be up for attending group rides, as I hear that is a good way to learn more skills as well as meet new people, As well as the BBQ's that I've heard about, I've also seen a few of the rides while on my way to the island
  6. if you do come on one of my rides please make sure you have 3rd party insurance at the least
    if you take out me or one of the other riders without it i wont be impressed to say the least
  7. I always respect road space, I would most likely be at the back with or with out that insurance, and count my gap to be a good 5-10 seconds away from anyone, just until I learn the master those breaks,

    I take it that those ride's normally go to Rye and stick to the beach so the top speed is about 60 with some parts of the beach road being 70,
    I know of some back roads that are 100 along that strech, But trust me I won't be close enough to anyone who I might take out and if someone comes past me I will give the space that is needed,
  8. yeah that right we allway ride around Rye
  9. Saw some nice twisties on my way home my last time down there,
  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. Welcome to the forum mate
  12. Welcome to NR...
  13. Thanks to all the welcomes, I am looking for the "Sunday Learner rides first" I am on my P's but would like to join the rides as I have just got my GPX 250 on the roads with plates, I've only spent 2 day's riding it as it was getting a major service done for the RWC and I'm told to ride it a lot and fill the tank up (the tank had a hole but all is fixed now) and done a good 100Km ride today to a VIC roads to get it's rego done,

    My little 250 get's to a sweet 140 or so I think 100 in 5th gear 120-140 in 6th, Tested it on the freeway with no plates so I couldn't get a speeding fine (HA HA) will need to find someone with a good speed"o" to sit on 100 so I can figure my speed"o" out so will need someone to ride with or a group, P.s. I may come off as a smart ass but really a nice guy who hardly talks (more of a keyboard smart ass) but always in for a good laugh