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Intro: Bravus

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. G'day all

    Guess I should introduce myself, now I've got 18 posts or so...

    I'm an Aussie, grew up around Sydney and have also lived in Melbourne and Perth, but I just moved to Brisbane after spending the past 5 years in Edmonton, Canada.

    First bike was a Bombardier 50 trail bike - it would start up in reverse briefly if you rolled it down a hill backward and popped the clutch. Before that I'd ridden Dad's BSA Bantam 125 around a bit. After the Bombardier I got a DT 100 for a while, then an RZ 250. Crashed that and broke my leg pretty badly - the bike was Ok but my bloody brother took it for a ride while I was in hospital and wrote it off...

    Got an RD after that for a while: can't even remember when or why I got rid of that. Bought a CBX550 in the early 90s in Melbourne but it was an abysmal piece of shit that cost me thousands and never really worked right. So I'd been off bikes for about 12 years when I bought my new Spada about 3 weeks ago.

    That's all the bike stuff: I teach at the University of Queensland and have a wife and two daughters and a dog, too... ;)
  2. Hi Mate and welcome to the forums.

    Good work on getting back to the bikes, I bet you feel better now !! :grin:

    I hear that Vic loves to hear about things that your dog gets up to !! (https://netrider.net.au/?page=askvic) :grin: :grin:

    Let us know if you venture back to sunny melbourne.
  3. Welcome to the asylum bravus - and way cool egiste, are you typing with your toes or some other part of your anatomy, i thought you arms were broken.
  4. Sounds like my GPX. Stupid piece of C*** had a broken rocker, now it's making oil disappear.

    Welcome to the time sink.
  5. Welcome to the madhouse :LOL:

    What are you teaching?

    You were unlucky with the CBX - the old plastic maggotts usually ran forever. :?
  6. Welcome bravus, to the bravus new world of netrider :LOL:

    Hang around, the fun never stops, and sometimes some of the stuff is actually useful....
  7. Welcome to the strange place, and Tony, the CBX550 is not a Plastic Maggot, that's the venerable CX500 and it's kin. The CBX is an inline four.

  8. You're right Inci :oops:

    I didn't read the original post properly and replied without thinking...
    Easy to do here - I think it's contagious. :LOL:
  9. Have to endorse that; esteemed brother had 2 CBX-550s and they were bullet-proof and durable....
  10. [img:500:375:44f2b8ecdc]http://www.bravus.com/bike2.jpg[/img:44f2b8ecdc]


    I teach teacher education: used to be a high school chemistry/physics teacher, now I try to help other poor misguided fools courageous community-minded heroes prepare to do the same.
  11. And yeah, I intend no aspersions on CBX550s in general. This one was just a heap. It had a noise in the engine when I bought it, which the guy in the shop assured me was quite normal and would go away when it warmed up, and I was gullible and clueless enough to believe that. First time I seriously opened it up it blew a hole through a piston, and the story just gets more depressing from there.
  12. welcome Bravus...

    I'm a brisbane newbie too!!

    I was meant to go to UQ this year, but bottled it and ended up at southbank tafe doing an adult tertiary prep course to fill in time whilst I decided what i wanted to do... now off to Bond to do law.

    one of my current tutors works at UQ as well... same dept as you!

    will keep a look out for you!
  13. Hi Bravus,

    You're probably next door to me! I work in the psyc building at UQ, so no doubt will run into you at some point - do you park under the UQ centre, or elsewhere?

  14. G'day Phil

    Yep, we're neighbours in terms of buildings. I park in the parking area down near the swimming pool, if that's the one you're talking about. Anyway, there are photos of my bike above if you want to look out for it. I think I might've spotted an SRX down there too... Should probably have a coffee at some point.


    And MacFfy - yep, by all means, keep an eye out for the little red Spada with someone built like a shorter front rower on it. ;)
  15. Welcome BravusBravus. Nice to meet you. How is the weight loss going?
  16. Welcome young fella!
  17. welcome aboard :)
  18. zombie resurrection thread from 2006 - :eek:
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  19. Yeah, g'day all, a 10 year reunion thing? ;) I'm down!

    Had lost weight down to just sub-80 kilos, then regained to about 94 (still well short of the 107 I started at). Got back on the straight and narrow and am back at 87ish, headed back to 80 or so.

    Still got the Bandit, which I still love, but it's 17 and has done about 140,000 km, and it's getting a bit tired.

    I'm working on a big project at the moment that will pay me some fairly serious cash early next year, and am on a promise from the Mrs that a chunk of that can be dedicated toward a new (to me) bike, so I might finally stop starting random discussion threads about possibles and start talking about the new bike!

    Still love this place, still swing by a few times a week... just haven't had a lot new to say lately.
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  20. Good stuff keeping the weight off. I'm around 92 at the moment, and have never quite got down under 90. It's still a long way fron 115, so I am pretty happy with my results. I credit your original weight loss thread with keeping me honest at times.
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