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Intro and first post

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by afc9798, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Hi all. I'm not a new rider, but I am new to this board. Have had many bikes over my 30 something years, starting with racing junior MX, then graduating to 125's, 250's then on to the roads. My first road bike was an RD250LC (fantastic bike, one of the best ever made IMHO), then a new XJ650 Turbo, then a GPZ750 Turbo (must have been a phase I went through with the turbo thing!!). Many bikes onward and I now have a brand new V Star 650 Classic in Red/Silver that I collected on the weekend. It's still a bit tight at the moment, but I'm looking forward to putting some km's under the belt and loosening her up for a big ride.

    I never thought I would go for a cruiser, but after riding a friends VR800, I was hooked for life on the V twin phenomenon. Anyway, look forward to reading and posting and hopefully catching up with some of you next time I'm in Melbourne, as it seems that's where the majority of people on the forum live!! I'm ex Elsternwick, but have since moved to Adelaide. :D
  2. Yiasoo
  3. Gday mate and welcome to the site.
  4. Hello!! And welcome!!

    GO THE TWINS!!!!

    :D :D :D
  5. gday, gday and welcome :) Oh yeah and what Lil said too
  6. Heya,

    Welcome aboard.

    Happy riding :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. Thanks for the welcome. Not sure I like the inferences on the board that there is something wrong with Yamaha riders!! Even more so when there are people who actually bought an Across :shock:

    Anyway, for those who are looking to buy a VTwin, do not delay, go directly to your friendly dealer and shell out the cash. You will not regret it. Some people will tell you that bikes take years off your life, I find that I feel 10 years younger again, now that I have revisited the world of two wheels. The years just peel away with every long winding curve. God I wish it was Saturday....... :cry:
  8. :LOL:
    Never had the chance to welcome you! So welcome!
  9. welcome mate
  10. WELCOME! afc9798

    you should try and get a few Adelaide riders together for an organized ride to Warrnambool here in Vic on the GOR, although from our way we get the twisty bits :p

    im sure quite a few riders this end would love a 1 night stay over ride.

    just something to think about, would be interesting to bring a couple of states riders together.

    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  11. Love the GOR and have done it many times, but can't wait to do it again on a cruiser. I've got a few mates who have just bought cruisers as well (Interceptor 1500 and VR800) and we are planning to do a ride in early 2005, so maybe the GOR is the GO. Thanks for the welcome...
  12. Gday afc, welcome to the forums, good to see you have good taste :D
  13. Welcome gov...i've only been here a couple days and it already feels like home
  14. welcome to the site

    dont worry us across riders take potshots at every one , as well are normally on the recieving end of it all.
    its allways in fun , never serious .

    have fun , stay safe
  15. Welcome to the site afc. Happy posting! :)
  16. Welcome afc9798

    I agree with Ferris, I am only a baby on the site also, but they are the friendliest and helpful group of people :D
  17. Welcome to the forums afc9798 from yet another happy Across rider :p :D
  18. Welcome afc :)
    There's a big ride being organised in Mt Gambier in the next few weeks (I'll give you the details when I know more, if you're interested) - A guy got killed in Sydney, his wife is a WIMA (Women's International Motorcycle Association) member in SA, so we're having a big memorial ride for him. All going well I'll be over there, so if you want to catch up let me know. :)

    Edited to add: "We" being the WIMA group. The guy that was killed was a motorcyclist, however he was in a car (accident). The memorial ride is at the request of his widow. :) AFAIK, their son is still in a serious condition in hospital, so that is why it isn't being run straight away, we are waiting for her to return from Sydney.
  19. Welcome aBoard!!
  20. Welcome... Good to see another Cruiser rider in the fold.....

    I believe most has been said

    See ya later