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Intro and bike opinion...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Max08, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hey evry1,

    Just thought id say hi, i've been stalking this forum for some time now; always a good read and good info.

    Iv recently decided on getting a VTR250 (and I realise there is no shortage of praise on these from forum members). Iv got quite a bit of dirt bike riding experience from years ago and recently decided to hit the mean streets of Sydney and after quite a bit of research iv settled on the Honda.

    One thing that surprises me however is the current value of quarter litre bikes, no doubt because of the influx of new riders due to soaring petrol prices and decrease in parking. A great example is the now "gotta have one if your on ur L's" CBR250RR.

    To the point though, ive done a bit of shopping around for the VTR and really want to steer away from dealers mostly bcoz of overpriced bikes and poor or lack of service. So im looking at private sale. Redbook is no real help as the prices quoted dont seem to equate to the real market out there which is simply supply meets demand...and at the moment the old addage of "its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it" has made it difficult to establish a real value.

    So id like any opinions/ideas/tips/comments to help me but also members opinions on the vlaue of a VTR im looking at. I want an idea on what an ideal price to pay would be and ultimately get me most of my money back if i decide to sell in a year. Details below:

    -2005 model VTR250
    -bit over 7000kms
    -about 3 months left on the rego
    -no damage at all, really is an immaculate example
    -completely stock, no added parts

    Thanks in advance :cool:
  2. you'd be looking at around the high 6's or low 7's for one of those i'd imagine - they're bloody good bikes, pretty much bulletproof, so don't be afraid to look at one with higher kms... Mine cracked 76000 last week :shock:
  3. Yeah 6-7 sounds about right for what you're talking about.

    All I'd say is don't bother getting an immaculate bike. You're gonna drop it, scratch it, ride it hard... Let somebody else take the depreciation hit. Find one that's mechanically great but a little tattered around the edges, you won't be so scared of ruining your precious baby, so you'll have more fun with it.
  4. Wait for Kawasaki's Ninja250!
  5. Yeah, I deliberately went for a "pre-dropped" VTR250 for my bike with scratches on the handlebars, mirrors and muffler.

    I reasoned that if it had already fallen over once, it would have learned its lesson and would stay upright from then on. The cosmetic damage it did have is pretty cheap to repair too.

    Seemed to work - it once fell off its sidestand (parked on deceptively uneven ground) but never with me on it. :D
  6. Thx, keep the opinions coming.

    I totally agree about "pre dropped" bikes and would suggest the same...with that said, most with "minor cosmetic" hav other bits of damage and as iv had riding experience and wont be using it as my primary mode of transport i still think when it comes to resale (which a large part of my decision is about) a low km, clean bike will sell better than others on the market.

    As for the "Ninja 250" comment...iv heard it a fair bit lately but for a bike worth 7.5k i cant justify it. And even more so (a) i dont believe in a 1st bike off the showroom floor (b) especially a full faired one. (c) dont like dealerships (d) and dont particularly like the depreciation - example: cbr125r, sold like hotcakes....in a years time, market saturation and hard to sell for more than 4k.

    And to me...cant go wrong with the known and trusted Honda thats proved its reliability through the years.

    Would like to hear more opinions on that though???
  7. the cbr125r's are $5k new so if 1 sold for around 4k a year later i would be happy with that!

    the bigger bikes would lose ALOT more than that!
  8. Sorry, shouldve been clearer about that...their 5k new and ALREADY (as in rite now) their goin for 4k. So in a years time i can only speculate...
  9. cheapest i have found is $4600- ride away!