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Intro, and an Arqin review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by stusixtysix, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I'm Stuart and I've just joined up here, started reading here a couple of weeks ago. I'm returning to two-wheels after almost twenty years; partly by necessity of rising fuel prices and partly cause I'm having trouble growing up! I used to ride trailies/ enduro type bikes all the time from early teens to mid 20's both on and off road. Just taken delivery of an almost new (ex-demo) Arqin Road/Trail for the daily ride to work (approx 35 k) and for the odd weekend sojourn. I wanted to buy new and had looked at current model 250 trailies from the 'big 4' but couldnt even get my feet down on most of 'em, being 'vertically challenged', Here's my initial experience:

    The RT200, supposedly a Suzuki DR-based 4-stroke single is quite sprightly from a standing start to 60k, Cruises fine at 80k (which suits the road I ride to work on as it's quite twisty and 80k speed limit anyways), had it up to 100k briefly... did end up with a bit of vibration tingle in my fingers after stopping from a half hour road ride sitting on 80! Handles and corners nicely enough at those speeds to bring back my confidence. Is very smooth and quiet around town and accelerates nicely, no trouble keeping up with traffic or stopping quickly, though the front brake needs to be approached with a gentle pull and not grabbed with abandon as mine comes on quite suddenly! Suspension tends to the softer side and has good travel, no trouble with speed bumps etc or riding up the 'sleeper stairs' at the end of my driveway lol. Seat height favours my 'short-arsed-ness' :) Headlight was quite adequate for avoiding the roadside wallabies on a cruise into town last night at 60k's but the high beam on mine needs an alignment tweak as it's TOO high outta the box. Cosmetically the bike looks quite tidy - all ya need and nothin ya dont - and does turn the odd head. Well, it IS bright yellow!!!!

    All in all I'm pretty happy with it, you get what you pay for but there's no doubt it's pretty good for the price. I woulda had to pay nearly double for a similar bike from the big 4. My dealer says he hasn't had a warranty claim on one yet. So far. so good. Although I am considering upping the sprocket ratio to slightly lower the rpm (and therefore the tingly vibration) for road cruising. My local dealer says he has done a sprocket mod on another Arqin already using Suzuki RM bits. The stock exhaust system is very quiet and polite. There is, apparently, an aftermarket exhaust/ mod available that can glean a tad more performance as well as more road-oriented tyres, carb upgrade etc etc.
    And so it begins! :)

  2. The arquins seem to be much better built than the little 50cc/110cc mini bikes that one sees being flogged on ebay.

    I had a close look at one and was pleasantly surprised.
  3. Nice review, I'd be interested if you could update on long term ownership, come 20'000km, 30'000 etc...
  4. I'd be worried about them as a long-term prospect - the excessive use of chrome looked to be there to cover up some fairly ordinary metal so I wouldn't be surprised if rust became an issue fairly quick (keeping it clean and polished might help prevent this).
    Still for the price they seem a damn good deal, certainly a lot better than some of the other Chinese stuff coming into the country.
  5. There was a review of sorts in Motorcyclist (US).
    They had nothing positive to say about them.
  6. yeah, I hope it hangs in there ok, I'm putting about 80km on it a day so far, at this rate I'll be back in for the first service in no time flat. It's a good re-entry for me though, starting to get my road skills back without too much risk to pocket or body parts lol, I'm not planning on thrashing the sidecovers off it but I do feel it could use a little bit taller gearing for road use though I'm only thinking 1 tooth up on the front. Already looking ahead 12 months and thinking of something bigger :grin: if this does happen then the Arqin will make a great learner for the kids
  7. update - fuel economy

    filled up this morning with 6.9 litres of unleaded 95. cost $9.90

    had travelled 267 k's since my last top-up.

    works out to about 400 k's on a tank (10.5l)

    I'm riding 36 k's each way to and from work at between 60 and 80 k's for most of the way.