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Into the studio...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. well guys, my band is heading in to the studio on Friday to record our debut EP. Not sure how long it will be before it's released, cause we have to wait for mastering, manufacture etc to be done.

    probably be may/june

    anyway i won't be online much over easter cause i'll be too busy getting my rock on.

    take care on the roads guys - i'm going to try my best to put the sound of a Hornet 600 at 10,000rpm as a hidden track mwahahahaha.
  2. Look forward to hearing the results, Tash! You deserve a good result for the hard work and many disappointments you've had....
  3. Goferit Tash... Here's hoping you've got the right people tweaking your knobs and it turns out great!
  4. Well from the tracks you put up on the unearthed site I think as long as the Knob twiddlers don't root it on you it is bound to fly.
  5. Cool have fun! Looking forward to the results. :cool:
  6. Edgie, your request for Easter Leave has been granted.
    No pigging out on chocky though; Rock chix can't have zits.
  7. Courtney Love? ok, i shouldn't have gone there! :LOL:
  8. He didn't say "Rock chix can't flash t!ts" :LOL:

    Good luck edgelett.
    Do it properly and get smashed every single day :)
  9. Edgie, ignore that stuff, up above. Rock on.
  10. Looking forward to the results.
    GOOD LUCK :!:
  11. C'mon Edgie, Easter is over. We want a full report on how it all went, in the Studio. A bit about your Father too. Stop mucking us about.
  12. Looks like you had fun! Was the experience what you expected?
  13. Yer a bloody dag aren't ya?

    That singer has an advanced case of what Van Halen would call LSD - Lead Singer Disorder. It's a natural part of the character of many lead singers that contributes to:
    a) them being very good on stage
    b) other people wanting to punch the eyeballs out of them back in real life

    Enjoy the ride, I'm sure she'll be *interesting* to work with... :p
  14. Does this happen in your band, Loz?
  15. actually mate she's one of my best friends.
    she was getting shitty cutting the vocal tracks cause she'd been singing since 9am with no break.

    she's really easy to get along with, just a little eccentric. but aren't we all :)
  16. Heh, well there ya go! So when do we get to buy the record?
  17. she was also getting a little frustrated with the producer, who kept wanting to add trumpets so our songs. he was even MORE eccentric lol.

    he did an awesome job though, really happy with how it sounds.

    probably June mate, getting it mastered tomorrow but still waiting for the photographer to finish editing the pics & to send us the final version, so I can then give that to the artist so she can finish the EP artwork.
    Once I get all that, manufacture will take approx 3 weeks.

    so i'm expecting to have all the art finished around end of april for a June release.
  18. Edgie, riches and acclaim await you.
  19. Rock on!!! Best of luck with the album!