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Intimidating behaviour

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Dp., Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Yesterday instead of highway on the way home I had to ride through town and had to watch as an asshole in the van intimidating 50cc scooter rider.
    I was following the van going slightly above the limit doing 64km/h, no cars in front of him, no cars behind me until we caught up with the scooter. Apparently scooter was derestricted as it was doing 62km/h. For some reason the rider decided to go next to the edge line instead of being in the left wheel track. Looks like it triggered the asshole in the van, he could not resist the invitation to show how big his van is. After probably 100-200 meters of following at 62km/h, without any cars in opposite direction he decided to overtake sharing the same line with the scooter, he actually moved slightly across the centre line and increased the speed to 64km/h. I could see his face in the mirror during this slow process – happy looking asshole face in his sixties enjoying what he was doing. Having big van next to him in his line the scooter rider did not do anything about it no buffering no braking. Was scared? Did not see the van? Got used? Did not care? I was in the right wheel track at the safe distance giving him opportunity to move out of danger. No reaction – I guess average scooter rider. Eventually he overtook the scooter and I was still following it in the right wheel track. Then apparently he noticed me in his mirror and probably realised that I saw this whole thing. Happiness disappeared from his face straight away, he nervously was checking his mirror. We approached set of lights that just changed to green and cars were already moving. He changed to left line checking right mirror (I saw his face looking at me) and accelerated to overtake the cars, I decided to follow him just to see what happens, overtook scooter and changed the line too. Caught up with him in a second, saw another nervous look in his mirror, then he accelerated well over the limit and gone.

    I would expect such behaviour from some P-plater but not from the elderly person….bloody asshole…I doubt he would stop if something happened to the rider.
  2. That mature asshole was probably once a young asshole. Age doesn't mellow everyone.
  3. nah, age really does mellow. Imagine what he was like as a teenager...