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Interview Interviews. Which members would you like?

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Announcing a new and upcoming content area of Netrider - Interviews :)

    Every 4-6 weeks or so, we'll undertake a written interview with a member and see what makes them tick!
    After responded and reviewed/edited, the interviews will be posted here (with the interview prefix for easy filtering) and contain around 10-12 questions with responses from the interviewee.

    Apart from getting to know the specific member being interviewed better, we may also start to get an interesting sense of just how diverse, funny, quirky, and refined we motorcyclists truly are. (y):love::ninja:

    Posted interviews will be able to be responded to, so you can directly engaged further with the interviewee if you would like to ask further questions or know a little more about someone. The interviewee, of course, is not required to respond to any questions they don't want to so mutual respect will be required, and enforced if necessary.

    The moderator team have already suggested a few members that would be good to start with, and they have been contacted to see if they'd like to be a part of thus fun.

    Now, and ongoing, we're very much interested in whom you would like to see interviewed? Post to this thread with suggestions/recommendations/nominations of peeps that you would like to be contacted and asked if they'd like to participate in an interview. Or feel free to send me a PM if you would like to be discreet about it :)
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  2. Start at the Top - Mouth
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  3. Yep good place to start. Here are a few others for me.

    JustusJustus has an interesting and what is a bit of an inspiring story from what I've seen. (Sorry JustusJustus before I take on internet legal advice/opinion that sounds legit I needed to know I wasn't talking to a loon, hence cyber stalking)

    Uncle GregUncle Greg .....I'd like to know how someone gets to be like this. :p

    hornethornet seems to have some good stories of which I'd like to know a few too.....
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  4. DrSleepyDrSleepy - must be time for an update
    jonnymacjonnymac - just because he has a cool profile pic
    PetesulPetesul - because, well just because - ha ha ha
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  5. Ha thanks for the props DiantraDiantra but after reading kneedragonkneedragon all I've got is a cool profile pic lol
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  6. #8 Voltran, Feb 8, 2016
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    Uncle GregUncle Greg , he does not talk much, we need to know this guy much more better. I reckon taking a dna sample and an MR scan too. Maybe in future motorcyclists can resurrect him to save the earth or something.

    brainzbrainz cross question this guy, once i saw his hand was shaking. He is way too geeky and chatty and friendly. He does not like his plate to be seen in photos publicly. He might be up to something :D
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  7. Don't forget Heli!
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    smeesmee The cranky one :)

    Hey, if they don't object, can we get a photo too? Optional of course.
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  9. I'm concerned the word 'member' may be used in rather conflicting terms
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  10. In no intentional order of merit:-

    Another vote here for robsalvv and raven.

    Deadman (Brian) would be good too, I reckon.

    I think Quarterwit might have a contribution to make, if he's still around. Ditto RC36, even though he and I have banged heads a couple of times.

    And Loz.
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  11. Definitely Deadman he's got 1to have 100s of stories
  12. Great Idea team! I look forward to seeing some of these great interviews. I'm sure they'll be funny and very interesting for us all.
  13. by being kind, sensitive and having a great sense of humor
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  14. That post being proof of your sense of humour?.....
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  15. what?
    don't you like me anymore?
  16. No piss off :p
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  17. Well he does ride an MV:hungry:
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