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Interview with preacher turns slinging match

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by es, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. here
    its about 5 min long, kind of sad really but just made me laugh at the end...

  2. Yeah i've seen that biatch on another interview before, pretty sad that they would protest at a funeral like that :evil:

    She didn't even go to her own sons funeral after he died in the war :(
  3. Oh my god......

    People like that crazy bush-pig woman, make me sick... :evil:
    Why is it that good people get murdered and raped, why doesn't it happen to people like her??? :mad:

    The world works in weird ways...
  4. interesting interview style, more jerry springer than calm and measured but i guess if you took the traditional approach you might not get a word in.. and she's hot so she can be forgiven. :grin:

    still, i'll take christian fundamentalist wackos over islamic fundamentalist wackos any day of the week, far less bombing and decapitation involved.

    if you haven't heard the background on the story a large group of bikers coordinate against that church and attend the funerals they are targeting, and provide a security presence of sorts to keep the chuch loonies away from the grieving families. you can't get better PR for bikers than that.
  5. Julia Banderas is hawt!!!!!!

    The other thing looks like one of our members :rofl:
  6. [/quote]i'll take christian fundamentalist wackos over islamic fundamentalist wackos
  7. i'll take christian fundamentalist wackos over islamic fundamentalist wackos

    Communism is atheist and that worked out fine: shock: Stalin Poll Pot.
    Fundamentalism is the problem angry people using religion to serve there own means.
    True spirituality is what’s lacking ideals taught in Christianity Islamitisim, just people throw away those ideals. Sorry I'll get off my box now.
  8. None of which were Christian or fundamentalist, but don't let that get in the way of a good argument :LOL:
  9. What... you??? hahahhahahahahah :rofl:
    Jokes.... i still luv ya vic :LOL:
  10. WTF?
    The spanish inquisition was entirely prpitrated by christian fundamentalists. As were several inquisitions accross europe. Any one remember heard stories of witch burning??? There is christian fundamentalism at work.

    Give me a break hornet. I know you take your religion seriosly, and as much as I may disagree with some of the elements of it, i will never talk you down for it. But ignoring history or re-inventing it, is where I will start to argue the point. Christian fundamentalism has caused more deaths over history that Islamic fundamentalism. Though i will grant the islamic fundamentalists are doing there best to try to change that.

    I have highlighted the word some to be sure we don't start some off the point argument about love thy neghbour due to a misrepresentation of what I have had to say.
  11. Err, that's CATHOLIC fundamentalism, matey, and entirely non-christian beastie (worship of Mary, idols, sacrifice of the mass etc??) as far removed from Christianity in its Biblical basis as is Islam..... The inquisition was perpetrated AGAINST Christians by Rome....
  12. Why would anyone post two idiots in a pointless argument? :? That's why we read Netrider. :LOL:
  13. Say What????

    Hmmm. Skip a history lesson or two?
  14. most netrider threads turn into that... or is that what you are staying?
  15. Hmm...... (shakes head and sighs.....)
  16. speeking of poinless aguements... damn mormons door knocked me again... I am so sic to death of these guy's coming around and ruining my sunday hangover-fest... has anyone seen a female mormon? Surely the exist I mean they must be breaking their own rules right?

    So to combat this influx of JH mornons and what ever nutcase including the represtatives of asholedom who wants to visit on a sunday i'm going to get a door sign saying "busy with satanic ritual please call again soon"

    or "I'm happy burning in hell with the rest of humanity"
  17. Mormons are easy. Just tell them, while laughing, that they believe that god lives on a planet called Kolob. They'll hightail it out, because you're not supposed to know that stuff, and indeed many of the so-called missionaries DON'T know that stuff. They haven't been initiated into the real serious areas of the religion yet :LOL:
  18. Hmmmm... I'll have to inform any of the catholics i know that they arn't Christian... i think it will come as something of a shock to them...

    I am not going to Debate the finer points of diferent christian sects with you, but I think you will find the greater part of the world will disagree with your enterpretation. But as with all religions, i asume you believe that there is only one path and all the others have got it wrong...

    But I will leave it there.
  19. girls have to stay home and have babys - thats what god told them to do - mate of mine flippoed out and became mormon and spent a few years in the philipines building churches - told me im going to hell - to which i replied "mormon hell is normal people heaven anyway, sex before, marriage getting pissed all the fun things", hes locked up in an organised marriage now anyway - so dont see much of him anymore.......

    religion ........... pffffft, gods haveing some joke up there telling all these people to do different things, she must be having a ball!
  20. Excuse me Hornet, but not being a terribly religous fellow (thank Dog), I am a little confused. I always thought that until Henry the VIII decided on some major 'serial monogamy', that with the exception of a few nasty Gnostics, Eastern Orthodox chappies, and Maronites, the Catholics were the only flavour in existance for most of Christian history, and still vastly outnumber all the others put together. The other flavours came along quite late in the game didn't they?