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Interview tomorrow!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by sonja, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. :dance: Oh yeah, oh yeah! :dance:

    I got an interview for another job tomorrow afternoon!


    Lets see...

    :arrow: Better pay? check
    :arrow: Similar location? check
    :arrow: Organised conditions? check

    I'm set! :dance:

  2. Cool :grin:

    Break a leg :grin: (dont take that litterally ;) )
  3. Good luck
  4. Great news Sonja, hope all goes well for you. :grin:
  5. fantastic... have a ball sonja!!!
  6. I won't :p

    Thanks everyone...
  7. Tell them they've got to give you the job or you'll ride your bike through their foyer, like the Blues Brothers :LOL:
  8. Good stuff!!

    don't tell em you'll ride a bike thru the foyer..

    Tell em Netriders will come along and set a world record in bikes riding thru foyers :twisted:

    Hope you get the job, hope it's the job of your dreams, and hope everyone there is real nice and adore you. :cool:

  9. Iff: so do I. I used to think this job was great, but truth is, I'm bored out of my skull and feeling undervalued. Plus the pay could be so much better. I know for a fact the guy who's taking my place (i'm supposed to be going over to our defence lot) is being paid more than I am.

    I'm so bored, I've almost hit 1,000 posts here already!
  10. Be sure and ask the questions YOU want answered too. A common interview tactic is to get you on the back foot, so you don't have the opportunity to ask things like why the position is available etc. Of course they're not going to say "because the place sucks" but you will be surprised what you'll find out if you ask!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I won't typhoon.

    Mostly I ask questions about what the dress code is, hours that I'll be expected to work, penalty rates and the like.

    I'm just intruigued they're paying a daily rate.
  12. Oh yeah, good luck too! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Some pointers if you are interested (most you will likely know already):

    Research the company you are interviewing with well (internet, friends, customers), they like it when you can show that you understand their company and customer needs.

    Ask about career progression - it shows you are interested in staying long term (even for contract roles).

    Think of a few customer service examples - Dealing with a difficult / irate customer.
    Dealing with senior management
    Try to work in team work into your examples too.

    If you plan on doing any future training mention it.

    Also, as they are running through the role tell them with examples of how you have done similar tasks in your last role.

    NEVER bad mouth any current or former employer - When asked why I'm leaving a job I have always going with either end of contract or lack of opportunities for career progression.
  14. Sonja,

    Seek.com have some really good resources on the web concerning interviews. Have a look here for some useful advice.

    One of the important pieces of advice they give is this one:

    Review your resume

    Read your resume carefully to remind yourself of your past achievements and identify areas to highlight at the interview. You got to the interview stage because the interviewer saw something in the CV that appealed. Identify what it is.

    Practise answering likely questions on your past history that show the following.

    * A logical progression from one position to the next.
    * Positive reasons for moving rather than negative ones or fickle rationales.
    * How your experience has been built by each successive employer and is now available to the new company.

    In other words, know what you've already told them
    (and make sure what you say in the interview actually supplements what you've said in the resume)

    Good luck! :wink:
  15. I rode my bike down the hall at work from the front office past the staff room and down to the art room once. :grin: I have it on video. :cool: :LOL:
  16. i ride my bike right through much of my work, or is it art?
    hell, i make roads, the good ones ARE art.

    who else gets to treat their work this way?
  17. The best bit is, there was a conference room on that hallway that I also past. The people having a meeting in that conference room ended up giving me my current job. :) :) :LOL:
  18. Well done Seany! :LOL:

    I'll be walking over, it means I can look a little more respectable (ha!).
  19. Good luck with the interview Sonja, let us know how you get on. :)
  20. Update!

    It went well. I'll find out if they want me or not by COB tomorrow.

    Keeping my fingers crossed...