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Interstate trip - ride report now with pics

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by sly, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    The missus and I are leaving on our long awaited 2 week bike trip in couple of days.

    We are leaving Sydney on Friday morning, heading south down the coast to Bega, stay the night there. Then on Saturday, we had planned to go up over the Snowys through Cooma and Corryong and south again to Omeo. Third day onto Kyneton (brother lives there).

    I've had a look on the DSE site and they have some quite useful maps to see where the fires are. Still, I could do with some advice as to whether you think this is a wise move or we should take an alternate route - maybe the Monaro Hightway through Orbost.

    I've never ridden in Victoria, so very unfamiliar with the roads.

    One other thing, do you guys have "double demerits" over the holiday season? This may have some baring on my riding style while we are away.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.


  2. I can't give you any advice about the fires, but I can tell you we do NOT have double demerit points over the holiday period. :)
  3. Nope no double demerits but we do have a system that'll book you for 4kph over the limit, speed cameras that set up in the sneakiest of places and hoon laws that'll impound your bike if you're caught 40kph over (quite easy to get caught out by 60-70 zones "hiding" in 100 zones). Don't know what the roads are like near the fires but given the amount of smoke haze in the air today even around Ballarat I reckon the further you can stay away the better.
  4. Nope no double demerits down here, but our fines kick in at 3kph over the limit and at 25kph over its good by licence.

    personaly i'd give the whole area a wide berth, conditions change several times a day and it's VERY smokey(setting of smoke alarms in the city last week 300k away as the crow flies), whatever you do cary a radio and listen to the local ABC station for updates.

    expected fire impact (not smoke) for 20 - 23 Dec here http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/CA256F310024B628/0/26BC7E6FBA62FAE0CA25724900774B0A/$File/Potential_Fire_Impact_Prediction_Map_z55_a3_20061219_2230_150dpi.pdf
  5. I would head south from Omeo and go the coastal route,to Lakes Entrance and Wilsons Prom,explore around there a bit if you have some time,extremely beautiful region,like Eden accept cooler.The Prom used to connected to Tassie aways back when and is very similar vegatation and topography. \:D/ spectacuarly beautiful.
    Im in the exact same position as yourself except in reverse, heading north from early Jan and cant choose my route till I know whether its safe with the fires.
    My 2nd option is to do the same route Im proposing to you, accept in reverse. Theres still plenty of fires through out the high plains area.Not sure if Great alpine road is still closed across Mt Hotham. It aint no fun camping in smoke, we have serious overcast smoke in Melbourne today and many a day past, you can smell it in the air and the suns a haze, so I can only imagine what its like in the Vic Alps. Youre going to get roos and possies and all sorts of critters making a run for it crossing roads that might otherwise be content to sit in the bush as well.
  6. Just remember that enforcement is much more "active" in Victoria, with radar-equipped patrol cars and Civic Compliance-operated covert camera cars. We don't have warning signs for most cameras either.
    I think I would be wary of Gippsland: the Monaro is probably safe, but there will be huge smoke issues, and the possibility of the fires reaching the Princes Hwy in some places. You'd get through though, I'd guess.
    In the north, Tawonga Gap between Mt Beauty and Bright is now open, but Mt Beauty is not considered entirely safe yet, and the Mt Buffalo fire is causing problems along the Ovens Hwy. Whitfield - Mansfield is still closed, as far as I can tell. Smoke is THICK in Melbourne today.
    (hijack:) Since my own Alpine tour is now shot to hell, anyone got any suggestions for alternative destinations in Vic north-east? We reckon we can get to Bright by then, but not much further into the hills. (/hijack)
  7. Oh also motor bikes are FREE on our toll ways
  8. Thanks for the advice guys and gals.

    Based on the comments I think it may be wise to head way down south.

    Time re-plan the route...

    Still got the GOR after Chrissy in Kyneton, so plenty of fun still to be had in vic. Just not looking forward to the road from Adelaide to Sydney! :shock:

  9. The fires we have at present are still a long way away from the Princes Highway so travelling through the area should not be a problem from the perspective of getting burnt to a crisp, you will however cop a fair bit of smoke down that way so be ready for it and make sure the headlight is on to make it easier to see you in the smoke.

    Even if you take the direct Hume option smoke will be a problem so your going to cop some smoke no matter which way you go.

    Anyone know what the smoke is like on the Sth Gippy highway from Sale to Dandenong, giving the fires a real wide berth.
  10. DOUBLE
    demerit points START tomorrow in VICTORIA
    until 1 January 2007

    it was on the news tonight

    With Bright and Mansfield under fire threat at the moment it may be a better option to come down a bit further and to go across

    Nerim to Yarra Junction
    to Healesville to christmas hills
    or even up to Yea to Broadford
    to kynton
  11. Your shiting me :evil: fuking ass hole bracks government, i'm gona smack the next labour voter i meet in the head :evil:
  12. :LOL: Welcome to Double Demerit Points
  13. Just another thought...

    If we're going to be riding for quite some time in the smoke, does it start to bother you after a while? We're thinking of wearing some kind of bandanna or similar over our faces (inside full face helmet). Sorry guys, no experience with this kind of "adventure touring with a bit of danger thrown in for good luck" - We don't bushfires back in pommy land.

  14. Hi Sly, I have been riding every day in the smoke to and from work and yep a bandanna would be good i think. If the smoke is really bad and you get asthma or hay fever maybe a Respro mask might be the go, I am thinking of getting one anyway for the exhaust emmissions.

  15. Okay, can anyone verify or find a link about this? Done a fairly extensive search and turned up nothing so far. If it is true, I would have thought the police and the government would be obliged to provide some information. But other than this post, I can't find anything...
  16. You mean the advertising campaign hasnt started yet down there.
    As per every year there will be reminders of this fact on the local news & commericals played during prime time etc. Guessing this will start tonight up in this part of world.

    You could always call 1 of the tv stations & get the story confirmed.
    One of the many campaigns that will run up here was reported on our local news lastnight.

    "Authorities have launched a new drink driving campaign for christmas.

    Albury City and the Albury Highway Patrol have joined forces to conduct a drink drive "Paranoia" campaign over the Christmas New Year period.

    The campaign reinforces the message, if people drink and drive they will be caught.

    Click HERE to confirm story

    Double Demerit Points apply
  17. +1 Woodsy. Voters will riot over petrol prices, but are totally apathetic about being constantly slugged with enormous fines for trivial speed infringements. Bizarre.

    I have googled and checked the VICROADS website, and I cannot find a single mention of double demerit points anywhere. It would be a pointless tactic if it wasn't publicised. I think LadyRider is misinformed and no double demerit points apply in Victoria over Christmas.

    Anyway, why would Bracks do it? Taking a driver off the road sooner via double demerit points = less fines to collect, and that would be a no-no.
  18. Nah, nothing whatsoever about double demerit points in Victoria. Perhaps local TV in the border regions where publicising the double points period applying over the border in NSW?
    I've rung the local cop shop and they know nothing about it applying in Vic (but decided to give me a lecture about speeding anyway :roll: )
    Or maybe it was the senior police whinging again, about how they need it down here.
  19. While in our local cop shop, I asked about the double demerit point for you guys in Victoria & they said will apply. There is going to be a joint campaing between the two states. Double Demerit will apply for both states. Also each state will be having there own campaing, NSW will be "Get Home Safe", and also cant forget the booze buses everywhere.
  20. Well, with all due respect, given that it is Dec. 22nd - the Christmas weekend - and there is NOTHING about this in Victoria, I would say that you are misinformed and that your NSW cops have no idea what they are talking about. Bit late for a campaign I think. I'll say it again, what will double demerit points do to improve driver behaviour over Christmas if they keep it secret?

    I'm happy to be shown I'm wrong, but until then, please stop perpetuating this incorrect story. As someone who actually lives in Vic, I can say that to the best of my knowledge, double demerit points DO NOT APPLY in Victoria. Hell, the rate we all clock up fines with our near zero-tolerance and a plague of cameras we'd all be off the roads after running out of points if they introduced it here.

    Sorry if this sounds aggressive, I don't mean it to be, I'm just getting annoyed by this whole non-story. Merry Christmas and ride safe :)