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Interstate swap of Bike & Money

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by say_wat, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Just hoping for some ideas from you guys in regards to how it would be best to sell a bike interstate. I'm selling my r1 and there is a prospective buyer who is in Adelaide - and he seems genuine (not a Nigerian businessman who needs an '00 R1 for some reason :p etc).

    Normally, I prefer that a buyer come see and ride the bike in the flesh before buying. Unfortunately he is unable to do that but still wants to buy the bike - understandably so as i'm selling t dirt cheap.

    I'm unsure as to how the transaction can take place minimising any risk on my behalf (or his, understandably he shouldn't have to part with his cash with the risk of a fraud seller). Any ideas from you fellas?

    Perhaps I can ask for a deposit of the transport charges (return charges in case he back out?) to book the freight. Upon departure he can send the balance owing? (he can call the transport company to verify) I do have a friend in Adelaide, perhaps I can get the buyer to pay my friend, who can then transfer the money into my account.
  2. I bought my bike from Wagga in NSW, which is about 4 hours away from here (nowhere). I was going to go pick it up in the back of a ute, but the couple I bought it of were kind enough to offer a sort of compromise.

    They came down the Hume and met up with us in Benalla (1 hour away) as they decided to take a trip to visit their brother in Benalla and father in Melbourne.

    The bike was purchased from eBay, after a few phone calls.
    I was happy and wasn't worried about the legitimacy of the seller, they seemed quite genuine. Very nice people indeed.

    The buyer can't have much to gain from scamming you surely.
    Even if you just got your friend to go and meet with the buyer.
  3. Yeh, i know that the buyer can't scam me as such, but there may be a chance that he decides he "can't come up with the finance" or simply "changes his mind" which will then leave me out of pocket the transportation charges...
  4. Sounds like a scam to me ;)

    Pay up front for the bike or tell them to jump on a plane to complete the trasaction.

    If he offers to pay by cheque, tell them to blow you.
  5. Unless buying brand new who wouldn't have the time to check out a potential used bike...seems odd to me :)
  6. Good point vic. Although it may not be a scam as I called him on his legitimate work number, it would be majorly stupid to take a risk just in good faith. Upfront it is :grin: .

    Bamm, Its the cheapest R1 on sale on the website, I listed it around $2000 cheaper than the average and it has very low KMs - perhaps thats why hes willing to take the risk... then again it does ring alarm bells.

    Stupid winter. Might just keep it, but two bikes and a car is draining the already dried up monetary resources.
  7. If the bike's cheap why not just wait for a buyer from nsw?

    Save you the hassle of organising deposit/transport/risk of scam and sleepless nights thinking bout it.
  8. Sell as normal.

    Just cancel rego instead of transferring it.
    Dude can get a blue-slip, new plates and re-rego in his home state.

    Discount your rego refund off the price of the bike if you're feeling generous.
  9. If it's so cheap, you could lis it on Ebay and split the seller fee, then you ave him pay by paypal and he gets the buyer protection. On ebay you can list it so that he is the only person approved to bid/buy the bike

    The alternative, is he pays the total cost of return shipping (in case he backs out) to you and then you ship it to your friend in SA, and he collects it from them paying the balance in cash.
  10. When I sold my bike on eBay the guy was quite happy to deposit the money to my bank account, and then I sent off the bike. I guess that was only 2 grand though, so it's a bit riskier with a larger sum of money, but if you've both chatted hopefully he'll feel he can trust you.

    As others have said, you're in the stronger position in that there are other buyers for you but he wants this particular bike, so logically he should assume more of the risk (which you know is not real risk because you're not going to rip him off).
  11. I just sold my bike on Ebay the other day.

    Was on there for asking price $3,250. He called and offered 3k cash. I said yes, deposit taken next day, i dropped it off at his place (4 hours away, doesn't have his license) the day after that :)

    All paid in cash. Signed forms and we are both happy chappys :)
  12. ive sold a few cars on ebay, always let the money go in first, before i send it!