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VIC interstate speeding fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jordstar, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Hi there

    i recently have been issued with 2 speeding fines (on the same day!) I live in victoria, have a NSW licence and my car is registered in QLD..I just returned from o/s and have not had a chance to put things in order yet. I was only going 5 and 10kms over the limit. Its still speeding I am aware but the fines are outrageous!

    I am planning to move back to NSW in 2 months. just want to know if i don't pay the fines here in victoria will the NSW RTA renew my licence?

    it is so out of character for me to go over the limit, ive never had a speeding fine in my 12 years of driving.
  2. You don't belong here.
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  3. Yeah,, right! [-(
    You mean you've never been caught.

    Hear, hear!
  4. agreed with the ugly chick^^

    but to answer the question, no they won't
  5. LOL. My first thought exactly. Show me a person who doesn't speed occasionally. It will likely be some 90 year old, who can't find the accelerator in his automatic any more. :)

    Have you got a bike as well, cager?
  6. give me your credit card details, dob and contact number and I will make it all go away
  7. have you got the 'my family' stickers on your cage?
  8. I found this reply on "NSW speeding fines:(" thread by Dante

    replied by Jaqhama
    If you have not had a ticket for more than ten years on a gold licence you can write to the Infingement Bureau and ask that they consider your case and give the one time only excemption.

    This advice from local Highway Patrol Sarge.

    Is this true?
  9. I call shenanigans on that statement.
  10. I reckon they will, state to state government agencies aren't all that comunicative with each other. Hell, intrastate governmet agencies aren't all that communicative with each other.

    No harm in trying anyway, what's the worst that will happen? Refuse renewal until you pay? Then pay the things once it comes to a crunch, not before. What's the best that will happen? No money lost or points gained.
  11. Do NOT pay the fines (yet!). Once you pay the fines, you admit guilt.

    You may be in luck, see here:


    Also, you can get 3 x 28 extensions to the fine, then you can go on a payments plan, meaning you won't have to admit guilt for up to 112 days.

    More than enough time to sort out your NSW license.
  12. When i got booked interstate, the victorian guys definitely communicated with the NSW guys.

    The WA guys? Never heard from them again. It's been 2 years and i still haven't paid the fine. No points recorded and after the first letter, never got another one.
  13. You might want to re-read that...jordstar said he never got a speeding "FINE"...which can suggest he never got caught going just a smidgen over the limit, not that he never sped before.
  14. Lighten up sunshine, just having a friendly dig!!! :D
    & he did say it was "so out of character".
  15. I'm sorry...I shall party poop no more...:bolt:
  16. No last I heard minor speeding offences in NSW if you've been clear for 10 years then you can get off by writing a letter...

    However, the OP got booked in Vic so no idea, but just cough up the fines. Even if Roads and Maritime in NSW don't sync with VicRoads you'll still get suspended from driving in Victoria in the future until you pay the fines.
  17. Actually that is kinda cool.....
  18. Same in Vic, read my link above.