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NSW Interstate Speed Camera Fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Brento, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. So I received a fine in the mail today from Vic Police for speeding on the Hume Freeway, I'm on my NSW Car Green P's and NSW Bike Red P's, I've previously accrued 3 demerit points on my bike for a red light offence.

    On my fine notice it says that it's a 1 demerit point offence, if I pay the fine will I lose more points because I'm a P-Plater and therefore lose both my bike/car license or will it only deduct the 1 point?
  2. What's it worth in NSW?
  3. Where did it say you got done, and when?
    I blasted the Doom myself last week, and set a new personal best...
    Now waiting for the mailman...
  4. Hume Freeway - Seymour on the 27th at 9.30am or something. I googled it and there's no camera there the closest is Broadford so it must have been a mobile speed camera and apparently those other cameras I was speeding past were point to point speed cameras and unlike NSW they actually target cars too. All in good fun!
  5. I'm pretty sure he was there all week too - I pulled up for fuel on the 30th and noticed him sitting on the side of the road outside the service centre...
    So by that calculation, if I haven't received a letter by the end of the week I'll relax a little...
  6. Yeah as I drove past I was thinking to myself surely they don't have mobile speed cameras on the highway and then remembered what state I was in..
  7. You may lose the motorcycle portion of your licence.

    From Victoria with love, come back soon.