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Interstate Riding

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Nour93, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. Hi all.
    ive been thinking about this awhile and have some questions & looking for advice.
    I live in Victoria but I want to go up to Sydney for a few days. I moved from there and I want to visit family and friends
    I have a place I can stay and store the bike but no transport so best done in a car or bike. I want to take my bike for a few reasons
    a) cheaper than a plane
    b) cheaper than my car
    c) a lot more fun

    I want to know if anyone here has ridden interstate. what their experience of doing so was. anything I should or should NOT do. how will my Vstar 650 handle it, is it any worse than normal riding on a bikes engine. how often id need to rest her while on the trail and anything else you guys have on the subject

    Appreciate the insight in advance!
  2. I rode my vstar1100 from Sydney to Brisbane and back no fewer than 3 times if I remember correctly.

    The vstar650 is equally as bullet proof and will handle the ride perfectly.

    The question is how often you should rest, I personall take the recommended short break every 2 hours, but if you are new to riding or not experienced doing longer rides maybe take a break every hour or so.

    If you wait till you are feeling tired for a rest it's already to late.
  3. Many have travelled to adjacent States, some of us have ridden across the country.
    It can be fun, boring, challenging and rewarding.

    Plan well, have a reliable bike and I would encourage you to do it. Larger capacity bikes thrive on the open roads, they actually wear less (tyres excepted) when on long runs vs city commuting, and your endurance should be somewhat better too.
    If travelling just 1 state, preparation is simple, but traverse multiple states and across this huge land of ours and you need to prepare thoroughly.
    Think about having good clothing because being too hot/cold or soaking wet is no fun hours or days on end.
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  4. Not one of the questions you asked, but I would become familiar with the differences in laws between the states - make sure there's no "gotch ya's".

    For instance, I recently became aware that in SA, if there is an emergency vehicle parked on the side of the road with it's lights flashing (ie, a highway cop booking someone else) - there is a mandatory speed limit of 25kph. Someone from another state going past at the usual speed limit of 110kph would be unwittingly exceeding the speed limit by 85kph! A very nasty way to lose one's license.

    It's likely that going from Vic to NSW though that if anything, most regulations will be more relaxed as NSW isn't quite as much of a Nazi state as Vic. (I think the loss of license in NSW is 30kph over the limit vs Vic's 25?)

    Off the top of my head the only negative difference that I can think of is that NSW doesn't allow parking on footpaths like Vic does, but hopefully someone else here can chime in if there's any other differences.
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  6. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Take it on, its an adventure.
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  7. can't do U-turns at (edit) Traffic Lights unless sign says you can
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  8. lol thanks! my main concern wasn't me tbh because I can have a break, its more my bike I was worried about
    being on for so long in one sitting
    that's so crap! if its an honest accident like that you shouldn't be bent over for it!

    really? how so?
    appreciate all the insight guys, so I shouldn't worry that my bike cant handle it? take a rest atleast every couple of hours? be careful of being caught up from ignorance? pack appropriate clothing?
  9. If the distance is there, might as well make it an Iron Butt ride!

    Distance riding will probably be the easiest kms your bike will ever do.
  10. a what...?
  11. Do eeet!
    It will be more fun but take longer if you ride twisty roads rather than stay on the main highways, especially the Hume which must rate as the most boring road in Australia.

    How big is the fuel tank on the V-Star? I assume you can get at least 200km between fuel stops. When you stop for fuel, re-hydrate yourself properly.

    How does the V-Star handle really tight hairpins? Easy or avoid?

    You can do Melbourne to Sydney in a day if you push yourself (or take he Hume). I've done a couple of days of riding that are longer than the Hume (807km) mostly on the Slab but I prefer to take longer, twistier routes and stop somewhere overnight.

    Melbourne to Sydney via Bairnsdale, Cann River, Bombala, Cooma and Queanbeyan isn't that much longer than taking the Hume but from Cann River to Bombala is a great road.
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  12. You get your name on a list few people know about and even fewer people care about, for something a lot of people do all the time.
  13. The less the bike has to work to maintain speed the easier it is on the engine, but don't worry and here is why.
    - The Vstar' engine is time proven and bullet proof
    - Being air cooled it has even fewer moving parts and less that could go wrong with it.
    - The electrical system is extremely simple so again very little that can wrong.
    - Many, Many people have done that and more km's on their stars
    - Cruising down the motor way at 100km/h+ is better for the engine than sitting in traffic idling. While at idle or in slow traffic the engine runs hotter and there is more wear and tear on brakes and other parts.

    I'd suggets for your own comfort a windscreen might be of use, However I personally think why by a cruiser if you don't want the wind in your face and bugs in your teeth.
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  14. first time i did it my bike blew up
  15. If you can negotiate tram tracks and hook turns Sydney will be a piece of cake. I tremble at the thought of riding in Melbourne.
  16. Yep, I've done this road before. It was on my 25 year old 250 and it lapped it up, your bike will handle it just fine Nour93.
  17. Listen to Tweet.
  18. My bike did come with one but I agree with ya, the bugs are great on the go

    lol! what?

    thanks a lot for the advice guys. really appreciated! im going to go for it. hopefully early next month and the weather stays clear. just got to sort out my P's test first and get the time off work