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Interstate Purchase Help!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Quarkz, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I live in QLD and I'm hoping to purchase a bike on Sunday that is currently garaged and registered in NSW. Can someone please give me some advice on what the seller needs to give to me and what procedures I need to follow to transfer the registration, stamp duty, insurance and what not.

    I've already purchased a REVS check and the bike has come up clean. One of the things I want to ask is, because the bike is registered in NSW does the owner have to supply a pink slip or can I get a RWC done in QLD once I get it up here? The QLD and NSW transport sites contradict each other in this matter so I'm not sure if he's required by law to supply one and if I'll need one in the NSW and QLD to transfer the rego?

    Also, I was going to ride down and pick the bike up with a friend but I've worked out that after fuel and accommodation it would be cheaper to pay someone else to do it! Can anyone recommend a cheap motorbike transport company?

    Any help would be very appreciated!

    -- Kylie
  2. Hi!

    There's a topic in one of the other forums here that covers this sort of stuff.
    Click here to see it.

    Would you be coming down to inspect/test-ride/etc?
    A few of us have helped travellers form afar get around Sydney to look at bikes before :)
  3. Thanks for the link! I did a search but must have missed that one.

    It's located near Dubbo so it's a little far from Sydney! The bike is only 4 months old so I can't imagine I'll have much of a problem. The seller is very honest and he's been extremely helpful. The pictures of the bike indicate it's all stock and in excellent condition.
  4. My cynical nature tells me to tell you to not completely trust everyone, but if you are completely confident in the seller then best of luck with the deal!

    Enjoy the bike :)

    Just be like... careful and stuff...
  5. Anyone else?
  6. Hi Quarkz,
    I also live in Qld and recently purchased in NSW. Went down & rode back as i personally won't purchase without looking & test riding but that's me.
    Just teed up the insurance down there & got a RWC and transferred reg when i got back. You'll need his current original rego papers for the transfer.
    One other thing - When i went to do the REVS check a couple of days before buying the guy asked me the date of intended purchase and explained that REVS checks are only good for that day & to hold off until purchase date.

    Hope this helps. Be careful & good luck.
    Cheers :)