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Interstate Motorbike Transport

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by CC, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I am sure people have used different companies for Motorbike Transport, and I need to get my bike from Melbourne to Brisbane, and wondering who you would recommend.

    Has anyone used Fergusson Racing (Aus) to transport their pride and joy.
  2. Did you do a search?

    Ring MTS

    Their details are on the partners page.
  3. Thank you Admin,

    I can do a search, or even use yellow pages, unfortunately that does not give you personal experience, which is what i am after before i hand over my cash and bike.

    But thanks for your help.
  4. Pretty sure vic is talking about a search on these forums, and that will get you the personal experience you're after.

    You could always go on a epic ride :p

    Best of luck.
  5. CC

    I've used MTS twice when the Beemer was ill. Watched the way they handled the bike and securely tied it down. I was very happy with them and they would be my first call should I ever need to transport again.

    Haven't done interstate but very happy with them for the 30km jobs they did for me.


    Just found out they changed their name to MTL. http://www.callmtl.com.au/ I dealt with both of the guys who own it and they were excellent
  6. i recently used bikenut and they are great it was from melb to newcastle they were the cheapest i could find and they even followed up with a call a couple of days after its arrival to find out if i was happy

  7. Used Fergussons several times interstate. They're good.
  8. i used All West motorcycle couriers, they charged me $385 from pick up in syd to melb cbd, i tried few other places but these guys where good to deal with, they did the job in 1 day, it was all covered by insurance and bascially organise most of it for ya!

    give them a go!