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N/A | National Interstate licences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by philmydang, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I was following another thread here about people getting pinged by the EPA and it got me thinking.

    I currently have a NSW license and NSW registered bike. I will later this year be moving to VIC for a 6month (possibly longer) stint for work.

    By having a NSW license + vehicle, what does that mean with regards to getting done by the plod in VIC? eg; reporting for EPA testing, losing points for certain offences etc?
  2. you must abide by the rules of the state you are in. points still count (first hand experience there)
  3. They are all connected by computer,

    3 months and you are supposed to change rego over to the state your in, But your an Itinerant worker, So probably does not apply to you,

    Just dont get pulled over, or say you are only visiting.
  4. Points dont count, personal experience here. At least not NSW to ACT.

    Been done speeding in NSW twice and no points.
  5. How long ago though??

    I understand it's 3 months and you're supposed to change your licence and rego but so long as you've got someone at your NSW address to forward on your mail how will they know unless you tell them.
  6. I got my ACT license in feb 2010, commited offences between then and now. I still hold ACT license, but have not lived there since aug 11, swapping back to NSW in a few weeks time.

    They cant tell assuming you set up correct forwarding and such. Else your not going to know about speed cameras and shit.
  7. The system has gone national. They can check and will enforce the 3 month rule, if you don't change residence you can be considered unlicensed in that state. Been through all this before.
  8. I would think that working for 6 months interstate would not be seen as a permanent move. Once work is finished you'd be returning back to your NSW home wouldn't you?

    Any driving offences no matter where they occur would be enforced in your state licence and registration requirements would have to be done in your home state as well.

    I spent nearly 3 years in WA and only transferred my licence and I kept all my bike/car etc in SA rego at my dad's place. I had the bike with me all that time and never a problem.
  9. Yeah I would most likely move back to nsw but will probably continue travelling for work around Australia for a few months at a time. Sounds like a whole lot of headache and paperwork (and $$) to continually be changing addresses.
  10. I actually still hold a nsw license as well, some how.

    Just the other day at an RBT the cops pulled me aside for a chat and showed me this ipad/tablet thing with my license profile and mug shot shit on it and said you still have a NSW license.

    Dual license for the win!
  11. If you take up residency back in NSW for a "period of time" then the 3 months starts all over again when back in Vic.
    How long is a "period of time" and what is your legal residential address? If you have one in NSW then you might be covered.
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  12. I was moving overseas for a year and told the RTA to cancel my licence and reissue it on the same day as it was going to expire in 3 months time, they did so and i got a new licence with 3 years till it expired. I used my Australian licence while overseas the whole time and when I came back I still had 2 years left on it. It would have been stupid to hand send it back to Australia after 3 months and not have a licence overseas.
  13. Technically if you are in Victoria for 3 months and then ride over the border and return to Vic then the 3 months starts all over again. Who knows if you have crossed the state border. Nobody.Keep your rego and licence in NSW and if you get pulled over then you are visiting Victoria.