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interstate buying with third party involved (general)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twainharte, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. brief background:

    joe has bought a bike over the internetz. he lives in melb. and wants his mate jack, who lives in syd. to go take a look at it. jack will store the bike until joe can come pick it up at a later date. oh, and no jack will NOT thrash the shit out of it until joe picks it up!:twisted:


    when jack(syd) takes delivery of said bike how does he handle the title transfer and the collection of the bike?

    is it as simple as joe paying the balance and then jack taking delivery of the bike? does jack need to sign anything?

    if you ask him, jack is a little surprised that this whole transaction is based on faith that the seller is a stand up kinda guy given that the bike has not been physically seen by joe.

    thanks in advance :)

  2. This might be complicated because seller needs to have buyers details to put on his part of rego slip (which he posts to RTA). The buyer also needs to go to RTA if I remember correctly, to complete the transfer of rego.

    In short, either Jack fakes his details and pretends to be Joe (which might be illegal and not feasible anyway, because he'll have to present his drivers licence) or he gives his details and HE becomes the owner of the bike. Leaving the question of how he transfers it to Joe to another day :)

    Joe is clearly a gluton for punishment. And if I were Jack, I would refuse to get involved in the whole deal.
  3. A friend in SA did this for me when I bought my SR500 (I'm in Vic). The transaction was simply written to show my friend as a third party in the affair, otherwise it was as normal, and the seller and I communicated on all other details via email. Check out your relevant website - Vic Roads for instance discusses this matter...
  4. Vic Roads will treat this as 'new' registration, not simply a transfer.
    All Joe needs to do is write a note, naming Jack as being authorised to make the transaction on his behalf. The seller can then make a receipt for payment received from Joe, ( he'll need to show this @ vicroads as proof of purchase ), with possibly a side note naming Jack as the receiver of said goods.
  5. Or alternately.... Joe pays, jack picks up the bike, cheque fails to clear and bike is gone.

    Someone needs to sign something declaring that they own the bike. The bike can't be registered in Victoria by joe unless he has proof of ownership. I'm not sure what they'd accept as proof but that's joe's problem. Your main concern is that it's a legit purchase. :)
  6. so, a postscript to the OP.

    everything turned out ok to jacks suprise. though, it's not over, yet.

    you see, joe came to pick the bike up. little did jack know, joe has not ridden anything bigger than a 250cc and has only ever owned a SCOOTER! a freakin' automatic scooter!

    jack wheeled the bike out of the garage as joe suited up. nothing seemed out of the ordinary until joe almost dropped the heavier bike. ok, first ride jitters, perhaps?

    as it went on, alarm bells started ringing in jacks head, "he can't be serious!","he'd kill himself before he gets to the end of the block.", he thought... he watched as joe was unsure of himself; from finding the friction point of throttle and clutch to when his foot should be on the ground or on the brake to grabbing a hand full of throttle, thankfully while it was still in neutral to numerous other little things.

    within the space of about ten mins it was clear jack had to end this. told joe he was not going anywhere with the bike as the roads were slick and to make other arrangments.

    so, if this bike fits in that trailer of his then joe will be towing the thing back to melb.

    jack will be recommending a refresher course.

  7. lol worthy for sure.

    im from melb but am up in sydney for giftmas, bought myself a new bike up here, its going to be fun dealing with rta/vicroads.

  8. Anyone ever see the video of the guy who buys a helicopter then tries to fly it having never had any training?
  9. I got my 929 from syd as well a month ago. Flew up and rode back on it. Vic roads is a pice of cake. Just get a RWC in vic and give vicroads a call to make and appoinment and they will tell you the rest. You will need to download a form from there website and fill it out and take all the paperwork in on the day. Make sure you call NSW rta and check if the bike was a repairable write off and if it has finance owing on it.

    Are you gonna ride it back??

    Anyways all the best...