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interstate buyers= serious buyers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. so, say, one has a bike for sale and an interested buyer is willing to fly interstate to inspect it, is it pretty much sold already?

    i figure if one is willing to spend X amount to fly to see a bike, it's as good as sold...

  2. I almost did that, simply due to lack of options in sydney. But I was certainly not going to look at just one, would have been seeing as many as humanly possible on those days. I'd say they are certainly serious buyers, but not necessarily buyers of your bike.
  3. Hard to tell, this one.
    Recently purchased a track bike but was considering others interstate during my research.
    In this case though 'difficult' for both parties, most of the negotiations etc would have to be 'sealed' prior to the flight up, so that there are no last minute ugly surprises.

    As a buyer of an interstate bike, if all my questions to the seller were answered genuinely, I was shown current photos (technology these days is a wonderful thing.. live Skype, anyone ?) and there was absolutely no doubt regarding the bike then, yes... I would pretty much negotiate a price on the phone, and if successful, fly interstate to purchase the bike.

    Only problem with this ? Transferring of rego's, transporting the bike back home (~$500) or riding it (fuel costs etc ...but what a journey !) etc. It's a compromise. If it IS the ONLY bike I want (and no others come close) I WOULD make the sacrifice, after 'ticking all the boxes' prior to committing to the purchase.

    Selling/buying a bike always comes down to negotiations of both parties involved.
  4. I sold my bike to a guy from Sydney suburbs and it went well.
    I was honest with all my answers and gave him any pictures and information he needed and we agreed a price based on the information he had.

    He came by "trains, planes and automobiles" to my house, thoroughly checked the bike, gave me a bank cheque, got on his gear and then I took him to a local Yamaha dealer as he wanted to get it serviced before driving to Sydney.
    As I was selling it interstate he chose to keep the VIC rego so I didn't need to get a RWC for it and didn't need to complete the VicRoads transfer documents as he was planning on registering it in NSW once the VIC rego ran out, so it was easier for both of us.

    I did mention to him that he could have got it registered in NSW as soon as he got back and would have got a refund on the rego but he wanted to just let the VIC rego expire before doing that.

    The whole thing worked because we both were honest and if I ever had any doubts about him, or vice versa, we would have walked away from it, so it could be tricky. Just got to find am honest person!
  5. I sold my SV to someone from Melbourne, but he was already coming up to Sydney. I would think it's a pain to get things over the pits to make it worthwhile.
  6. I was sitting in Auckland late last year and bought my BWM Funduro from a guy in Melbourne. Saw it on bikepoint or tradingpost (can't remember), sent him a text 'Anything wrong with the bike?'. He writes back 'nup, all good'. I offer him a couple of hundred dollars below what he was asking, he writes back 'its yours for x (little bit more than I offered, no big deal)'. I agree and wire him $1000 straight to his personal bank account. Flew in from Auckland to Melbourne a few weeks later with a bank cheque for the rest, hop on and ride it to Sydney. Simple!

    I figured that I'm pretty normal and a no nonsense kindda guy so others should be too. My (misguided?) faith in humanity paid off this time!

    Standing by for horror stories about c0ckheads doing a runner with your deposit, not turning up etc...
  7. due to the vastly superior market in Vic / Qld i have not ruled out interstate buying (when my P's end - 10months and counting)...if i find the bike i want and it's interstate, be damned sure i'm going to fly down to buy it, and ride it home!!! even more so if its a fellow NR member selling it!!