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Interstate Bike Purchase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Finite, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Hi guys and girls,

    First time poster long time reader. Was wondering if I could get a bit of a second opinion on a bike i'm about to buy.

    I live in Sydney and the bike is in Brisbine, its a 1990 GSF250 with 15500km. Imported June 2007. looks to be in great condition. Been dropped in a carpark once and has a two tiny scratches on the end of one bar and the end of the exaust pipe and a chiped end of the front brake leaver.

    No rust, straight frames, all lights work, serviced at Pro Honda and has a full service 1 week ago. Starts first time.

    As im in sydney i would be paying about $350ish to have it transported down.

    Price im looking at is about $3000. The rego ends on 08 of Aug and the Safety Cert expired on 06/7/8. Will I have any issues getting the RWC in NSW and getting rego in NSW considering it was previously registered in QLD?

    thanks in advance!
  2. Seems like a lot of messing around to me for a not very cheap, sight-unseen (?), imported, 20 year old bike...others may disagree but I doubt it.

    Edit: oh and welcome to nr etc... try the Welcome Lounge to intro yourself :grin:
  3. Welcome

    10% of the purchase price in freight for what I'm guessing isn't a rare bike :?

    If reg'd in QLD, you need a Blue Slip to check engine and VIN number and then transfer rego to NSW - cost about $50 which also covers checks of a Pink Slip
  4. I wouldnt buy it, doesnt seem that cheap and so much stuffing around plus it has been dropped even slightly but i guess thats up to you.

    Transport company called Gilders Local and Interstate Transport 02 9755 1190, they transport bikes. See how you go.
  5. I bought my triumph daytona 675 (late 2006 model) from brissie without having ever seeing it. flew up rode it back down. transaction ran smoothly, it was at a great price. cost a reasonable amount to swap it over and was a bit of fukin around. but not too much. 7 weeks down the track the engine blew up. trying to deal with warranty people and the owner is almost impossible. he now doens't answer my calls. as it happens he had voided the warranty and didnt tell me. Cant Until Next Tuesday. i guess its kinda handy having the person you bought it from handy, incase anything goes wrong. plus being a cheaper kind of bike i would just buy one here. you will probably grow out of the 250 in 3 months anyway.
  6. Hang on a minute. Most warranties are statutory in nature, meaning the manufacturor MUST honor them and CANNOT (as a rule) use the "owner voided it" as an excuse.
    hHave you asked the local version of Fair Trading for an opinion?
  7. Who cares what it's worth - if you want the bike and it's worth that much to you, buy it.

    I bought my nsr from a dealer in melb because i wanted an immaculate one with low k's and you just can't find them here in SA. I paid over $350 for freight and the bike cost me $3200 (sticker price was $3500). Am I unhappy I paid 10% of the bike's cost in freight? No. Am I happy I ended up getting the bike I wanted in the condition I wanted? Yes!

    So I say go for it, but only if it's a good buy to YOU.

    Excercise some caution if it's a private sale though..
  8. If you can prove that those 15,500kms are genuine, I'll eat my bike, bit by bit.

    860Km per year. Awesome.

    I guess what I am getting at is make the decision based on fact, with your eyes wide open.