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Interstate Bike Purchase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by JAS, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Hoping for some good advice. I am from the ACT and looking to buy a bike that is registered in VIC (it is located in Melbourne, but we are meeting in Albury on the weekend to make the sale). This is actually my first real bike purchase, as I got my last bike through my dad (which was great, he did all the paperwork, I just got to ride it :LOL: )

    I have started a new job this week and am very tight on time to call VicRoads (though have looked on the web and hear a few of their voice announcements whilst waiting for them to answer the phone!! :? )

    Anyways, my questions are -

    1. What information do I need to obtain from or provide to the seller?

    2. How does transfer of ownership work? Do I buy the bike, ride it home, and transfer the registration once I get it home? Or do I get the seller to cancel the registration and get a permit of some sort to ride it home?

    This raises a bunch of further questions - as the former option would assumedly involve me sending rego plates down to VIC, and trying to obtain the remainig rego as a refund to me (?). The latter sounds preferable, if I can obtain a permit to ride it up here.

    It would be great to hear some advice on this. I guess Victorians and Canberrans might be in the best position to comment, but by all means, if you have some ideas on the above, or additional considerations, let me know please!

    Thanks in advance all, will be good to get the admin sorted so I can focus on evaluating the bike :grin:


    P.S. If you got this far into the post - the bike is a Triumph Daytona 675....woohoo! :cool:

  2. get the vin engine number and rego and do a revs check
  3. get the vin engine number and rego and do a revs check
  4. first get the vin, engine number and rego then do a revs check and make sure there is no money owing

    "EDIT" ooops sorry for the tripple post
  5. Thanks Donaldo,

    Yeah i'm pretty well sorted with that stuff, and happy inspecting the bike, etc. Really just the paperwork/process nuances that I need to get sorted.

    (REVS check is all good!)
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  7. Have inspected the bike first?? Or had it inspected by someone??
  8. you will need to get a rego inspection done here in canberra at the RTA, pay all fees, ACT rego, and stamp duty, before taking the bike for rego make sure it has a standerd pipe on it (will be pushing to get the bike past rego with a after market pipe on, the RTA will ask for the plates off the bike not sure if you will get the remainder of the rego back in the form of cash

    if you have access to a bike trailer, one option would be to get the current owner to hand in the rewgo in vic, and get him to knock the price he gets back of vic roads off the purchase price
  9. Hi Guys,

    No I haven't inspected the bike, I am working on the proviso that if the bike is not as described I will not be buying it, and the buyer knows this. Similarly if all is OK I will be buying it.

    It only has the standard pipe, so should be ok on that front. Might well try for the trailer option yet......

    Thanks guys, going to try VicRoads and the ACT Motor Registry this arvo, but all advice appreciated.


  10. Hi anyone looking on....

    Managed to get hold of VicRoads today, and they were suprisingly helpful...as qbnspeedfreak mentioned, one option is to have the seller cancel the rego, and drop that value off the purchase price.

    Second endorsed option was for me to keep the rego until I got it to the Motor Registry up here, and receive a refund of the Victorian Rego after handing the plates in (and re registering up here).

    Third option (least recommended, but still offered) was to transfer the victorian registration to me at a Victorian address, and transfer it to ACT within 4 months, though I would have to visit a VicRoads office to do this, so not so practical...

    Going to go with option 2 I believe, offers me the most flexibility. Thanks for the advice all.
  11. well you will be picking it up in aubury, wodonga is right next door and inside victoria :grin:
  12. is it really that complicated?

    that isnt the case with car i think..... you just need to go to vicroad and say that you bought the car from sydney and the paperwork start from there.
  13. Buy it with the Rego Plate still on the bike as then you can ride it back home that way you don't need a permit. To change to ACT rego you will have to get a roadworthy. Take to old plate when you go to obtain Ur new plate. You will receive p/work stating that u have handed it in send the p/work to Vic roads and the should issue u with a cheque for the remaining Vic Rego. You must also take a bill of sale with you as proof the you have bought the bike. This can be done via a Stat Dec via the police station. That way you’re sure to have it changed to ACT.