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Intersection Dangers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raven, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. So...you casually filter through the stopped traffic to the front of the grid...Lights change, and you are off, safely ahead of the melee going on behind you, right?...Could be wrong!

    A few days ago, I read a post pointing out the dangers of being first off the line if someone fails to stop when the lights change or tries a mad dash to make it before the lights change, and races through the intersection across in front of you.

    I had always been aware of that kind of incident, but complacency after a while causes one to forget the possibilities.

    This morning...sitting on the front of the grid, I went to move off, and THAT email popped into my head. I declutched and checked up just as I hit the throttle, and woosh...a few feet infront of me a guy blasts through the intersection at about 90k's flat stick having attempted to "beat the lights" from his direction (across my path).

    I would have been dead-meat had I not checked up just at that precise moment...so to the guy who posted that email, and refocussed my awareness - you probably saved my *rse.
    Thank you. :) whew!
  2. I recall the name Hornet making mention of this.
    Its been imprinted on my brain from when I was a P-plater and saw a driver go through a definite red light, right across my path. I have never forgotten it.
  3. happens all the time on my daily commute even when there's a red light camera :?
  4. I,ll always remember a truck going thru the red.. from my right.. after I had rolled thru the green. THe light had been green a while too, it was close to turning red again. Truck was doing about 80 in a 70 zone.
  5. I heard about this danger and although I see red-light runners in the cage all the time, usually they're tailing the flow of legitimate traffic and don't pose a serious threat.

    yesterday, when I went to take off from the lights as they switched, a bronze landcruiser roared through metres away from me.

    I won't be forgetting any time soon!
  6. I check for cars coming through the intersection for ages now. It has become a sub-concious thing. I dont do a full head check, a slight glance will show you anything coming into your peripheral vision.

    It never hurts to be reminded though :)
  7. In relation to this i've also read that at intersections be in the left lane(if there's more than one obviously). When lights go green head off at the same pace as the car on your right, thereby using it as a shield -> alittle hassle but it may save your life.

    Reason being is that it is much easier to see a red light runner coming from your left than from your right....also it takes alittle while longer to be deeper into the intersection to be hit by a red light runner from the left.
  8. When I did my learners, the instructor told us to always check to the right and left before taking off at a set of stop lights that have just turned green. The reason is to make sure that no dickhead is running the red. I don't even think about doing this anymore. It's a natural habit now. I do it when on the motorbike, driving a car, on my pushbike or walking.
  9. Other danger is right hand turn lanes. Had a few instances where I've gotten a green arrow to turn but cars on the other side of the intersection going straight ahead have seen traffic to the right of them (ie the other right turn lane) move so have floored it straight through the red.
  10. You owe that guy lots of beer :shock:
  11. you should treat traffic lights like a stop sign and giveway. dont rely on the lights look before you cross anyway.

    be very wary of right hand turners from the opposite direction. especially in the mornings and afternoons. (sun in eyes)
  12. thats the reason I stopped riding the first time, sold my bike and didn't go for my P's. Some bastard ran a red and nearly hit me. The thing that saved me was my tyres. I had just got new rubber put on and the guy at the shop said for the first 50km or so take it easy because they have a slippery film. So instead of gunning it at the lights i took off nice and easy. its scary to think of what would have happened had I not put those tyres on! The real downside was that if I had kept riding and got my P's I could have been riding unrestricted now for over two years instead of riding the Spada.
  13. Yeah, whatzisname from the motorcycle safety forum reckons bike accidents would drop a huge percentage if everyone followed the rule "don't ever be the first in or the last out of an intersection, and try to always go through a multi-lane intersection with something on the right of you."

    Not for me, I like sprinting away - but yes, it's a vital check.
  14. I dunno what it's like in other states, but in Vic most of the time the signal sequence is north-south straight, east-west right hand turns, east-west straight, north-south right hand turns, etc.

    Except when there are no right hand turners, the threat fromcars running the red generally comes from cars turning in front of you, which is much less dangerous than cars passing in front of you.

    Knowing the sequence of a set of lights also means you can check all the roads coming into the intersection just before your light goes green, giving you plenty of time to look, then blasting off from the lights and leaving everyone behind.
  15. Yup .. 1 or twice a week I experience it at different times :twisted: