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Intersection blues

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by freaksauce, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Today after my first week of riding I had my first near miss, not a bad one but a reminder of everything I'd read and been told. I was sat at an intersection waiting to ride straight across, there was a car in front of me indicating right. Once the lights went green I slowly accelerated keeping an eye on the driver but he decided that I wasn't important enough to have right of way and turned right in front of me, we both slammed on the brakes and he waved sorry and looked suprised that I was trying to cross... I waved him through to make sure he was out of my way before continuing on.

    I guess I have to get used to this! I did remember the most useful tip that I was told in pre-learner training when this happens. Deal with it, then get over it immediately. It is not worth getting angry as this will make you and the rest of your ride even more dangerous.
  2. sometimes being too cautious encourages the f&%^ers!
  3. Remember no one can see you ,your invisible .

    This is not a joke ...,always ride thinking your invisible ,never think anyone can see you even if there looking you in the eyes from 2 meters away.
  4. I think I'd rather be over cautious and be prepared to do an emergency stop at the moment while I am still learning but I get what you are saying.

    Yeah I've heard it said so many times but you only realise that this statement is true once you get out on the road! I went for a quick ride today as the weather was so nice in Sydney and sure enough a similar thing happened again except this time I was approaching traffic lights and someone turned across right in front of me, I guess they thought I was going slower than I was, or they just weren't paying attention. Either way I was ready this time!
  5. +1 to that. Especially roundabouts. Turning right on them, it's crazy how many times people have seemingly watched me come around, then go out right in front :S
  6. A good lesson, painlessly learned :).

    I DO believe that a lot of SMIDSY accidents and near-misses are indeed caused by the bike going faster than the driver was expecting, (and perhaps faster than the speed limit too???).