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Internet Scams (is this one?)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CFVFR, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Just checking emails, when this one came through.

    Either these guys are illiterate or just stupid!!

    Dear St. Geroge Bank client,

    You have received this email because we have strong
    reasons to believe that your St. Geroge Bank account had been
    recently compromised. In order to prevent any fraudulent activity
    from occurring we are required to open an investigation into this
    If your St. Geroge Bank account is not confirmed within
    48 hours, then we will assume your account is fraudulent and
    will be suspended. We apologize for this inconvenience, but
    the purpose of this verification is to ensure that your
    St. Geroge Bank account has not fraudulently used and to
    combat fraud attempts.

    To speed up the process, Click here and verify your St.
    Geroge Bank account.

    The St. Geroge Bank Team

    Copyright © 2009 St. Geroge Bank Inc. All rights reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their
    respective owners

    Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered. (End Quote)

    Please discuss

  2. I'm currently getting at least 4 a day , supposedly from commonwealth bank.

    Funny thing is that I don't have any commonwealth accounts.

    And yes , it is a scam , and there is people that don't know it is , and do fill in the details.

    This should also be moved to the "Off Topic" section.
  3. I am getting the Com ones as well, but at least they can spell
    (I dont bank with either!!)
  4. considering your not a n00b, give yaself an uppercut, u should of known better :LOL:
  5. Click the link and enter details.

    You will need to also fax a copy of your birth certificate and drivers licence otherwise they can't verify your account.....
  6. moved to off-topic, tsk tsk
  7. I'm not seeing anything suss with this. Totally legit.
  8. I've been getting Commonwealth Bank ones even though I don't have any accounts with them.

    So I thought I'd respond to one with a whole bunch of fake info ..... unfortunately my security software blocked the website. :(
  9. Tried telling the Com bank one where to stick their emails but address cannot be found.

    How do these folks manage to do this?
    Surely there must be a return address.

    Anyone have any idea?
  10. Yeah, the fcukers are out of control.

    I don't bank with either bank but fcuk me if I'm not getting 20-30 a day.

    I've had to set up rules to simply delete the shit from the server before it hits my inbox.

    It is true that there are stupid people out there that fill in the details.

    Cliff, you serious??
  11. Nup. Got customers getting these all week.
  12. Glad it's not just me then. I'm getting about the same amount. fcuking shits me to tears!
  13. Well, this dude does come from Queensland!!

    :p :p :p

    :grin: :LOL:
  14. I have a bridge I can also sell you.
  15. In that case, I'll have one in every colour please.

    Cam :p :LOL:
  16. +100000 i'm getting exact same emails, and not a customer... :LOL:
  17. I was getting a lot of com bank ones, now they are starting to subside, and getting replaced with st george ones...