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Internet Moto GP replay?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Black Magic, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. I apologise if this has been asked before but...
    Is there anywhere on the internet where I can see a replay of the race? I have done a search but can only find sites where I have to pay to join and see the race.
    I was very keen to watch the race and ended up missing it. (Don't have Foxtel.)

  2. Well I found one on youtube with the last 5 laps, there are probably ones there with the whole race, just gotta browse.

  3. Thank-you kindly...
    the last five laps are better than no laps!
    I will have a look. :grin:
  4. call me stupid, but i cant find that vid on Tooltube. anyone manage to get a direct link to it?

    thankyou muchly.
  5. Ok- I can't find it either! :cry:
    Someone please give me a direct link to see the race or I am going to go insane!
    I am kicking myself so badly for getting sidetracked and not watching it!
  6. tell me about it! :p
    the one time i miss a race and its this one :shock:
  7. you could check out torrent sites... I haven't searched for the recent motogp, but there were some wsbk and motogp races available last year.
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  10. go to google... type in motogp 07 torrent...
    Bit torrent is your friend. (I use azureus as my torrent client but there are others)
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    i use utorrnet.. but i did find this while looking on youtube..

    last 4 laps. not in english though, but who listens to them anyways right?

  12. [Mod: Torrent URL removed. Illegal/Copyright issues]

    may be a place to get it from :-$

    but you will need a bit torrent downloader