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internet filter lols

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Netterhead1, May 30, 2010.

  1. Hahaha 1% have said yes, 99% no :)
  2. Would be nice if the Gov't actually gave a shit about the 'nay' polls.
  3. IF ONLY! I hope they listen for once... and then realise that WE are what keeps them in parliament... so they continue listening.
  4. I think Rudd has postponed the filter?

    Until after he hopes to get elected then re-institute his plan for a Ruddocracy.

    Lost my vote with the first plan for the filter :rolleyes:
  5. I can't vote for Abbott, but I sure as shit don't want the filter or the ETS, so will be voting liberal in the senate so they can just block this rubbish from getting up.
  6. Sad thing is they are only blocking this rubbish because they didn't think of it. Just over the parties of 'today', they just fight against each other instead of trying to come out with the best policy for the people, it's a policy just to say "the other party didn't come up with it". *sigh* ](*,)
  7. friends of mine who work in IT have seen the proposed 'ban' list

    I find it interesting that they sell it as a step to stamp out kiddie p0rn (which is disseminated by means of peer to peer bittorrent or some bbs's (or so Im told))

    most of the sites on the list are p0rn, gay p0rn, gambling and sites that have information on abortion !!

    A classic example of ruddish

  8. I'm trying to setup a demo for some journalists that shows how trivially easy it to bypass the filter completely...
  9. It wont protect kids so why bother with this shit.
    They used to have govt endorsed parental control software links available.

    Why doesnt the govt just contract a company to write them their own distributable software and post cartons of CDs to schools who can then distribute to students' parents.

    They can include easy default configs and can update off a govt list regularly.
    Targets the exact people they need, no wasted effort on the rest of us who will just find a tunnel service the instant we cant access a site we want.
  10. People may already have started using scripts and things, though, so unfortunately its a bit hard to tell if that is the true proportion. Certainly wouldn't surprise me, but it is easy for people to mess with internet polls.
  11. It sounds bloody true though
  12. What you say is true, but I think the polls are accurate. This time the question is phrased simply.

    Its not some ridiculous contorted question like "do you support paedophiles?" then take that to mean you dont support a blanket internet filter.
  13. Conroy's a farking liar.

    If I found him in need of urgent first aid, I'd leave him to die and consider myself a patriot.
  14. I'd tell him I would look up how, but unfortunately the images in the first aid guide were censored 'cos the rubber dummy had small breasts.
  15. canada, sweden and a few others have brought in bans just on child pornography sites. no room to expand the censoring. THAT makes sense to me.
  16. But if theres a child pornography site, then it has to be physically hosted on a computer somewhere right? Then the public can alert authorities, or at the very least notify the service provider of the site. No ISP is going to host that kind of stuff and will pass on the details to police.

    Then what is the point in the filter?

    The government is just rubbing their hands at the prospect of unlimited and unregulated control of the net.
  17. Goodness me. No p0rn on the internet. What ever shall I do for four hours a night while my wife lies in bed?
  18. Watch TV.