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Internet censorship

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PaulyB, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. http://tiny.cc/pdowJ

    Read this and see if it makes you as sad as it makes me

  2. I despise everyone who supports it. If you want to live in a shitty, freedom-loathing police state, move to China or England.
  3. Is it just me or is it only the people who don't know how to use the internet that support it.
  4. it seems to me that it is definately targeted at parents and non-litereates (internetly) , i think that people have to talk about this and let others know, if no one says anything the bill will pass and more of our freedom will be taken away
  5. Good to see we've taken China, North Korea and Iran's lead on this.
  6. i ****ing **** **** **** hate censorship. its already here on NR](*,)
  7. It certainly is. There are other uncensored sites if this is not to your taste.
  8. for now.

  9. People fear what they don't understand: make it your mission to get your aged friends and relatives hooked on the web, and help them understand this issue - and that people only find really objectionable stuff if they go looking for it. Let them know there are effective filters that parents can set up, and remind them that it's parents' responsibility to monitor their kids' internet use. Give them some of the examples from the recently-released paper of perfectly innocent things that would be blocked by the filters. etc.
  10. From everything Ive seen so far of this issue, theres no reason to believe that this system WONT be abused. If only being would stop being so responsive to this "think of the children" plea.
  11. cursed censorship!

    The internet used to be a place to get free information! We need to set up some resistance servers and fight the power! Its time to revolt for freedom!

    We will not have a fascist internet!

    We the people shall not!

    Revolution! Revolt! We must!
  12. Unlikely, i'm all for "doing something"... but what? for all the webshites saying "lets oppose" they propose no time/place/action. There has got to be like 50 facebook pages saying "lets oppose censored net"... but no one is doing anything!

    There are plenty of proxy servers out there, so i'm not panicking, but i still oppose it

    I call bull on the guys "we only got 3 hours!!!" line. He had just asmuch vested in this political crap as stephen conroy. He provided NO evidence... it is all hersay.

    I'm more worried about what happens when the RIAA (or aus equiv) decide they will begin filtering what THEY deem a threat to profit!! How long before companys begin blocking scientific information that they believe is propriatry!!! I may not like certain information is out there, but one of the few rights i belive in, is the right to knowledge and facts.. if it is how to make a bomb.... so be it. I may not like it, but knowledge should be free for all to know
  13. Please make as many people as possible aware of the situation that will face all Australians if the 'clean feed' system is implemented, and encourage those that you tell to talk to others about this issue.

    Make them especially aware of the fact that things such as their internet banking, online purchases and other daily browsing activities will be essentially spied upon. Not only will this system result in censorship, peoples privacy will also be breached.

    Make them aware of the fact that criminals will not be hampered by this mandatory filtering. With no knowledge of the means to circumvent the filters it is those people with little technical knowledge that will suffer the most.

    For those that would like to be a little more active there are protests planned on the 30th of January Australia wide.

    more information can be found at http://www.somebodythinkofthechildren.com/

    Also for those that have the technical ability to bypass the filters and know of methods involving TOR, Psiphon, VPN tunnelling, etc... please make others (privately) aware of methods to bypass the filters should they become implemented. There are also plenty of technical resources available on the internet on how to defeat filtering technologies so please make yourselves aware just in case.....

    It should also be noted that the use of widely available web proxies (even via HTTPS) will not be effective in allowing you unfettered access to the information you are looking for. I have worked with some of the Marshal8e6 technologies that were utilised in testing, and if setup correctly the use of simple proxies will not be effective for you.

    Our equivalent to the RIAA is AFACT, and considering that the filter is [really] nothing more than a political tool - it would not be much of a stretch to think of multinationals putting there 'suggestions' in; For example, the AFACT vs iiNet case should be a clear example of private business trying to play the role of the police and courts.

    Also Conroy has hinted that the filtering of P2P and Torrenting protocols is on the cards - he has said many times that this sort of thing is not being left out as a possibility once the filters are rolled out. The filtering of these other technologies will probably be in line with what is being proposed in secret at the ACTA negotiations if the leaked draft is anything to go by.

    This government seems to be doing its damnedest to screw the citizens of this country over in favour of policies meant to benefit large corporations.
  14. Until they are all deemed worth blacklisting because they circumvent a “legally imposed filter”
  15. The way to stop this is to complain to your representatives in the Senate, they are the ones with the power to veto this proposal.

    I've already emailed all 12 of my senators (got a response from one of them already, I imagine the others are on christmas break) why not do the same?

    Here's a list by state of who they are and how to contact them.
    All of these pages will either list an email address or a contact form, so you wont have to leave your chair for pens/papers/stamps etc.
    Write something up and cut and paste it to all of them.
    If you can't even be bothered to do this, the most minimal of protest, you obviously don't really care.
    It doesn't even matter WHAT YOU SAY really, just make it clear you don't want a mandatory internet filter.
    Here's what I wrote:

    Senator [NAME],

    I write to you in relation to Senator Conroys announcement yesterday of the governments intention to introduce mandatory isp-level filtering nationwide.
    All public discussion to date has centred (wrongly in my opinion) on the feasibility of compulsory filtering, with little attention paid to whether filtering is something the greater public actually wants.
    Far from being a call to arms, it is my opinion that the poor take up of the previous governments home filtering solution is indicative of the broader community not wanting their internet connectivity filtered.
    As a father with 3 children, I believe that parenting should be left to parents, not heavy handedly over-implemented by the government - effectively treating adults as children.

    By Senator Conroys own admission "Under the National Classification Scheme and related enforcement legislation it is already illegal to distribute, sell or make available for hire RC-rated films, computer games and publications.".
    This implies to me that rather than attempting to hide this material from sight, we should be communicating with law enforcement both locally and internationally.
    Combined with the fact that the proposed filter will only block a small subset of total web traffic (Websites themselves being a paltry fraction of the total content available online through other means such as email, im, ftp, peer to peer, usenet, irc etc etc) it amounts to little more than security theatre.
    The government seemingly intends to pretend they have done something good whilst actually doing nothing more than waste money on what is by their own admission an ineffective filter.

    It is my hope that you will act as my representative to the senate on this issue, not as a authority figure thinking (wrongly!) that S\HE [delete where appropriate] knows what is in my best interests better than myself.

    Please vote no on the proposed mandatory internet filter.

    [MY NAME]

  16. No they arent on break, they have a filter of their own running. It is called a shredder. This isnt doing something, it is wrighting a letter. There has been every opportunity to oppose, every opportunity to "veto". The number of people who oppose is outnumbered by the people who dont know better and those who support it.

    The only thing to "do" is to run proxys and make sure everyone knows how to use them. Or have a real protest, like the milk farmers who poured all the milk down the drain! THAT made people look and take notice.
  17. I already have a VPN in place, that's besides the point.
    There aren't more people for that against, there's just a lot more noise coming from the pro party.
    Make some noise. What have you done besides talk of methods to become a petty criminal?
  18. A VPN aye? To where? NZ is probably the most viable place but its certainly an un-necessary step.

    Perhaps theres a business opportunity here... Start up a company in NZ or somewhere in Asia, selling a "Secure point to point network" so that clients can access their "data" easily. In reality, however, its a vpn to uncensored internet. Not based in AUS, not obliged to put in the filter...
  19. Bit of a contadiction, no?
    Oh i have signed all the petitions, written letters, told people to "make noise". I have been doing that since it was first announced. what have i got? Letters saying my thoughts have been "taken onboard" or "will be pushed further up the line". code for "you letter now occupies our waste paper bin", and what has it achived? nothing!!
    Where did i say commit a crime?!! I'm saying standing out front of parliment holding signs does nothing. nothing will change until people are inconveinienced. THAT is what i was refering to about the milk farmers in Europe. The price was too low, their letters to parliment failed, so they poured it down the drain. People took notice when their milk for the next 4 months went up 500%!!!!
  20. You can bet that when a filter comes in, bypassing it will be a crime, one that I will commit if necessary without qualm. Not a contradiction, a reflection of reality.
    My VPN is through work in the US.

    We have no milk to pour down the drain here.
    What can we do that's similar?
    Encourage ISP's to cut off all internet access to their customers for a few weeks?
    All of them have commercial agreements into the five 9's, doing that would involve not just loss of income but massive penalties.
    Telstra in particular, the key ISP that would have to be involved is half government owned, taking part would likely get people fired.

    Why NOT attempt to stand against this before it goes in?
    Our political representatives are duty bound to REPRESENT their constituents, if you are ignored then they are not doing their job.
    If all your local, state or federal representatives hear is the opposing point of view (regardless of how small a percentage of the community that point of view is truly held by) how exactly do you expect them to vote?
    They'll just follow the bullshit party line!