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NSW International visitors license?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ajiribarren, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm in the middle of a conundrum here. I'm contemplating two bikes for my next bike, a 2009 XJ6n or a 2010 z750. Both, obviously, are full-license bikes.

    My status in Australia is of an international visitor. I'm a student here for at least 2 years, and I have my license from back home, since 1997. I'm waiting on the translation from my consulate and should arrive any time soon. So far, I've been riding a LAMS approved bike (no L plates whatsoever) to and from uni, and the occasional weekend ride with no problems.

    The thing is, the information on the NSW RTA is not very clear. I cannot apply for a NSW license before 6 months in NSW, but it doesn't say is mandatory to apply for the license after 6 months. And If I apply for such license, it should be renewed every 12 months.

    Anyone here have any experience with International visitorĀ“s license? I bought a LAMS bike just to get reacquainted with riding and the road laws here (you know, the left side of the road?), but now that I want to upgrade, dealers are reluctant to let me test drive a bike, or are concerned about selling me a bike since I don't have a NSW full license.

    Information is not very clear, and every time I try to explain my status to a dealer is confusing. I don't wanna even imagine if I get pulled by a cop. My license is just a motorcycle license, there's no tiered scheme where I come from.

    Thanks for any information or advice.
  2. It means as soon as you get it translated take it to RTA and get them to give you a full local licence

    They have to give you same for same

    or keep getting your international licence from the NRMA - take your original licence and translation to the NRMA and see if they will give you an international one for i think $40 for 1 year ( international licence is a UN sanctioned document that is recognised in 150 + countries )

    DO NOT let any one try to tell you you can not have a full motorcycle licence in Australia based on your home country licence --- if you have a full licence there they must give you a full licence here ( after you pass basic eye test etc )
  3. To be honest, you are probably better off riding around on your foreign license with an IDP - don't get a local license unless you have no other alternative.

    The IDP + an official translation of your license should be enough to see you through - there is no requirement to have a NSW license to buy or register a vehicle, if you look closely then you will see that the relevant boxes on the form are optional.
  4. NSW excludes licenses issued in some countries from obtaining a transfer of the same to Australia, because their driving is characteristically pathetic, road rules are too different or training is of a poor standard.
  5. VIC is the same, they often issue learners permits that don't require you to have anyone else in the car when you drive or display L plate etc. This is a pet hate of mine.](*,)
  6. Doesn't an international license mean less likelyhood of getting a fine?
    Why would you want any other then?
  7. You can still get the fines, although it's more paperwork for the cops so they often just forget about it.....but you will be free from collecting points.
  8. No extra paperwork for the cops and depending on a couple of things it could even open you up to being able to receive more tickets. Then depending on those couple of things depends on wether toy are 0.05 or 0.00 etc.

    If you don't pay the fine because your going back OS then the Traffic Camera Office might "forget about it".

    This is in VIC of course.
  9. okay stand corrected
  10. My missus had to jump through some of these RTA hoops a couple of years ago....

    She was originaly here on a sponsored work visa (457 i think), and did NOT have to get a NSW Licence as she was not a permanent resident. This was the situation for more than 2 years.

    She registered a car in her name during this time and was given an RTA Customer Number, which I imagine you would already have if your bike is registered in your name. You can get the RTA to issue you with an Identity Card which will have this Customer Number on it, this is NOT a NSW licence, but looks just like one!

    You DO NOT have to apply for a NSW Licence as long as you remain a Temporary Overseas Visitor, and can prove that if the need should arise (that is, you still have a valid student visa, and have not been granted residency). See the first paragraph of this page http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/visitorstonsw/overseaslicence.html

    You MAY apply for a NSW Licence after you have been in Australia for more than 6 months see http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/visitorstonsw/gettingnswlicence.html, under Licensing arrangements for temporary overseas visitors. This will make your life easier trying to get a test ride.

    When you go to test ride a bike with your foreign licence, or an International Licence, and relevant translation paperwork, an RTA Identity card would probably be a great help to the dealer. Part of the problem is thier insurance companies, they need to be able to chase you for damage or speeding tickets, and for that they need a verifiable address. If you can demonstrate that you are known to the RTA that will help. The insurance company might still look poorly upon a foreign licence, in which case it doesn't matter if it was translated by the Ambassador himself, they won't let you ride the bike. When you have the translation, ring the dealer, talk to the Sales Manager or the owner, and explain yourself first, it might save you a wasted trip, or you might get on well with them and get a test ride!

    When the missus was granted permanent residency she was obliged to get a NSW licence within 3 months. She's from Ingerlund though so when the time came to get a NSW Licence they accepted her foreign licence at face value, because it's in English and testing standards are similar.

    You should look at this page, http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/newtonsw/recognisedcountries.html, if your country is not listed then you will have to do the Learner program before you are legally allowed to ride on the road. In that case my advice would be don't bother with a NSW licence, as you wont even get off your P's before your visa expires...

    Good Luck, and when you go into the RTA to talk to them remember to SMILE! Sometimes it helps....
  11. Thanks to all for your input!

    I went to an NRMA office and tried to get an IDP, they only provide such documents for Australian citizens.

    So basically, I'll just keep on riding with my overseas license and a copy of the translation booklet my consulate sent me. I would like to avoid going to all the hassle to get a NSW license, especially since I don't know If I'll stay after 2 years.

    Yes, I got an RTA customer number when I bought the Hyo, I didn't know what was for, now I understand!!