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International Sites for Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Drewc, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. While the Aussie dollar is fairly solid I'm considering spending a few of ém on some new gear from the US.

    I'm looking at purchasing from these guys:
    Their $25 shipping on any order sounds like a bargin. Thier prices are ok, but...I also came across this site:
    which has some unreal bargins, but the bastards don't ship to Australia!

    Can anyone reccomend any other International sites for gear? Doesn't have to be US, Dollar is fairly strong against the pound at the moment too...
  2. Can't post a link, so google 'newenough'
  3. Drewc,

    I have used Riders Discount on a number of occasions and they are GREAT ! Even when they didn't have a specific part/item advertised on their online catalogue, they soon had a quote and approx shipping date for me with their next reply (email).. very good to deal with.

    Haven't used any other US suppliers as I've been happy with the above. However, came across these guys, who DO ship to Australia... check 'em out :


    Another one to have a look/see, if you haven't already are www.kneedraggers.com - they seem ok as well, vast catalogue but off memory there seemed to be some restrictions when ordering above a certain price. Their website will explain further.

    A little closer to home, look up 'RatedR' (supplier) on ebay. Fantastic, professional and very prompt service from them, as others have recently mentioned also.

    PS - Formely known as Mat Mladin Imports, now Bike Gear Warehouse - located in Sydney. They sell direct to the public, with prices in direct competition to USA.

    Some food for thought...happy shopping !
  4. what type of aussie are ya, buy australian, support aussie business
  5. Goz, I assume you mean buy Australian products ?
    I ride with Alpinestars top to bottom (except for helmet) and last time I checked, Alpinestars is an Italian product...

    Mate, unless you can find Alpinestars prices in Oz which match (or at least anywhere near it) the prices in US, then I will concur with you.
    Some of us actually reside overseas, and travel often to these places, fortunately, where the 'better' deals can be found. So, why order from Oz, especially where the prices are sometimes in excess of AUD 100, for a leather jacket, for example ?
    About time the stores in Australia do something about this (well done to BGW), so that people don't see the need to look elsewhere for more affordable options.

    Unless, of course, you like paying more for your gear ? :cool:
    Each to their own buddy, but well done to you for your patriotism.
  6. The other end of the argument would be to not let manufacturers/importers rip you off -- if you don't let your money do the talking, they'll happily let you pay the higher price.

    Like many things in life, truth lies somewhere in between.

    I'll happily pay a slight premium to go try out the things in person, get advice etc, but I'm not about to pay double for the exact same item either.
  7. guys, i was only joking :LOL: dont get knickers in a knot :grin:
  8. :oops: Hey, people get all passionate about that kinda stuff!
  9. Riders Disc is great!

    I ordered a bunch of stuff off them and they were happy to exchange/refund.

    Highly recommended.

    Also try DennisKirk.com, a friend has been buying stuff off them for ages and swears by them (but postage is much more than RidersDisc).

    I know someone that has a bike shop in the states and she's good with discounts (PM if you want, I'll give you her email) on accessories, gear, whatever really.

    Our dollar is looking good against the Greenback:

    AUD trading at USD$0.82130
  10. great links guys! I'm in a fuddle now deciding to buy second hand or get new stuff from the states!
  11. Just thought I would let you know.
    The A* factory is in China :eek:
  12. There is always Starider here in Melbourne, great denim and kevlar jeans for less than $160
    Some nice jackets too.
  13. Collins leather. Aussie, priced well.
  14. How about this for a companion link?

    The 5% fee is pretty reasonable. (Don't forget you sort of pay two lots of shipping though, but if it is a great deal or something you can't get in Australia, it's worth it.)
  15. Nickers, ur the bomb!! u just saved me $130 on my dirt gear via ur experience with Riders Discount :cool: unfortunately i need to see what poofta stevens is going to do with the $50 i hav on my layby :roll: