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International riders license?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ziggyboy, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. I am familiar with int'l drivers licenses/permits as I have had one issued before but nowhere in those permits mention of motorcycles. Am I able to ride overseas?

  2. I went O/S last October,when you get your international drivers license it gets endorsed (stamped) saying you can ride as well :wink: Just make sure you let them know you want it endorsed for motorcycles as well when you get it. :cool:
  3. Best to also check with the country you are going to as well. I had my international driver's permit endorsed for motorbikes but upon arrival in country read that they don't recognise it unless you have it additionally stamped by the equivalent of the RTA/Vicroads. Just a local thing to glean some money off outsiders just because they can

    Although, having had my permit endorsed there is no way I would ride a bike here in Bahrain because the drivers are so f&^%n crazy. Driving a car is scary enough.
  4. where do you intend to go ???? as i went to the hassle of getting an international drivers/riders licence in 2001... only to find that in nearly all cases these days you can drive on your home country licence .... that includes .. europe.... the USA and canada .. and most asian countries too ... even a lot of the ex communist countries let you