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International orders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slider, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to let you all know that customs have recently changed the way they handle 'imports' for consumers buying goods over the internet.

    Basically you can purchase whatever product you like, have it shipped into the country any way you like and you will not be subject to any GST, duties or charges for any good or combination of goods with an AU$ value of $1000 or less. :grin:

    How good is that!

    I've just ordered an Astars Stunt2 leather jacket, Astar GP pro gloves and Astar Stroke shoes for less than what it would cost me for the jacket alone here in Australia! :shock: :grin: :grin:

    Now there is really no excuse for not being able to get the newest and safest gear available!

    Happy shopping! :grin:
  2. I've never paid GST on anything I've ordered overseas.
    I get parts overseas (saves waiting six weeks to get them from japan) I order a lot of bike parts from America, normally arrives in ten days or less. Six days was the best for a regulator.
    I buy most of my bike clothes from the USA also.
    So much cheaper for big name brands than here.
    The Aussie mark up is incredible.
  3. Better be careful. I wasn't aware that they changed the rules (used to be up to 250), but I doubt that it applies to textiles. Most mc clothing would be classified as textiles.
  4. Ring Australian Customs and find out...I did! (1300 363 263 during BH)

    And I've recieved my $800 order, no GST , no duties and no Customs processing charges :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Where abouts did you order your gear from???, I'll be looking for some new stuff soon and i might check out some online stores if the prices are that low.
  6. Just remember, you have no warranty rights here in Australia!
    Don't go crying to Monza if you have problems with your gear.
  7. www.flyinbriansdeals.com
  8. Thats fine...I also order all of my Ice and Inline hockey gear from the US/Canada instead of local retailers for the same reason (price).

    The one time I had a warranty issue (shin pads) I simply emailed them and attached a pic, they immediately shipped a brand new set to my door in 5 days and advised me not to bother sending the original back ( I then had the original set repaired for about $10 :grin: which gave me two sets!)

    To be honest, on a number of occasions I've had local retailers give me the run around with warranty claims...I have found you get better product support from online retailers in most cases.

    Don't get me wrong there a plenty of fantastic retailers here in Australia that honour their product warranties and provide fantastic service but if I can get a similar service for much less...well you know where I shop :grin:
  9. nice site, i'll consider using them in the future :)
  10. Hi Slider,

    Where did you get your gear from? Had mix experience with getting stuff from the US so will be gratefull if anyone can recommend any suppliers.
  11. Try www.flyinbriansdeals.com

    Excellent pricing and communication...my order was processed and shipped to my door within 7 days :grin:
  12. Got some good sh*t there. I've saved the site & will definately
    consider it when next on a buying spree.
  13. Just as a matter of interest the most trendy, innovative gear in the USA is currently being made by



    Especially for young female riders.
    I grant you it's very expensive even by US standards.
    But sometimes you may come across a shop having a sale and pick up either companies gear cheap.
    My girl mates drool over the Icon ladies gear. (though not perhaps the chaps...LOL)

    The womens full leather pants from JR are actually flared at the bottom, looks very feminine.

    Let me know if you find any of the girls gear cheaper than the normal listed price.
    Cheers: Jaq.
  14. Bought from him, performancemotorsports and riderwharehouse (I think they are all the same bunch under different names); never had any issues.

    Just stay away from motostrano, wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot stick.
  15. Yeah, I recently had an abusive email from them (motostrano) :shock:

    I had been waiting for the release of the new Astars 2006 Stunt2 Leather Jacket. I subsequently placed an order only to be told that they don't actually have any in stock and that they did not know when they would receive their first shipment :mad:

    After waiting a week I found a competitor who not only had stock, but offered a much better price (on the product & shipping).
    When I requested cancellation of my 'waiting to be filled' order I received this communication from the owner :shock:

    "the next time i see an order or communication from you
    i'm going to immediately cancel the transaction. you
    fail to realize that submitting these reviews for
    orders that end up getting cancelled affect our
    business. if you have a problem with price, with
    shipping and all the rest DON't make the order! why,
    do you at first agree to the order, accept the terms,
    cancel it and then submit the review? it's absurd.
    please shop elsewhere."

    I gave them an honest and frank review which included both the positve and negative aspects of my experience...seems they didn't take it constructively!

    Some people really don't understand the value of customer relations and the power of word of mouth :p
  16. Ive ordered from both motostano and flyinbrian. both gave me excellent service.
  17. Noticed how they have "Submit best offer" or words to that effect.

    How lower to the 'buy it now' price can you go for them to accept?
  18. My alpinestar supertech boots were 340ish offered 300 and he accepted dont know how much lower i could of gone. I was happy with the price also bought gloves with similar discount. Just offer low and see.
  19. Very good. Thanx for the tip bud :)
  20. the submit best offer thing is because the manufacturers dont allow anyone to show less than RRP for the items. All you do is email him a list of what you want and he will email you back the prices.